List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Oxford, New York

#Street Name
1Albany St
2Anthony Rd
3Back St
4Bartle Ln
5Basswood Rd
6Beech Rd
7Bowman Creek Rd
8Brackett Lake Rd
9Bradley Hill Rd
10Brooksbank Rd
11Brown Rd
12Brown Road Spur
13Buckley Hollow Rd
14Burgess St
15Butler Rd
16Butler St
17Carroll Ln
18Cemetery Driveway
19Charles Kelley Rd
20Charlotte Ln
21Cheese Factory Rd
22Christine St
23Cleary Rd
24Collins Ln
25Columbia St
26Cosen Rd
27County Road 18
28Crouch Rd
29Drive Way To Comm Reservation
30Driveway To Pool
31Dubois Ln
32Dumond Rd
33Dunn Rd
34Dutcher Rd
35Ellis Rd
36Elm Rd
37Fairview St
38Fariview St
39Fayette St
40 Fort Hill Park
41Fort Hill Park Square W
42Fred Wilcox Rd
43Gordon Cooper Dr
44Grant St
45Grays Heights Rd
46Griffin Rd
47Hammerle Rd
48Haven Rd
49Hill Ln
50Hoben Rd
51Hovey Rd
52Ingraham Rd
53Johnson Ln
54Kathleen St
55Kent Rd
56Kilroy Rd
57Knapp Knoll Ln
58Kramer Rd
59Lafayette Park
60Lakeview Rd
61Liberty St
62Lucas Rd
63Macguire Ln
64Manwarren Rd
65Maple Rd
66Mc Call Rd
67Mc Eneny Rd
68Mcdonough Rd
69Mcnamara Ln
70Merchant St
71Midland Hill Rd
72Millbrook Rd
73Moore Ln
74N Canal St
75N Tyner Rd
76N Washington Ave
77New Virginia Rd
78Northrups Corners Rd
79Oacs Driveway
80 Oak Ln
81Old Route 35
82Old Virginia Rd
83Painter Hill Rd
84Phetteplace Rd
85Pine Rd
86Power House Rd
87Preston Center Rd
88Princess Pine
89Princess Pine Ln
90Puckerville Rd
91Riley Ln
92Roach Rd
93Robinson Ln
94Ross St
95Rounds Rd
96Ruling Ln
97Russell Ln
98Ryan Rd
99S Canal St
100S Oxford Bridge Rd
101S Tyner Rd
102S Washington Ave
103S Washington Rd
104Sam Rounds Rd
105Sawmill Ln
106School Driveway
107Scott Carpenter Rd
108Scott St
109Scouten Hill Rd
110Short Rd
111Stafford Rd
112State St
113Tamarac Rd
114Tice Rd
115Town Barn Rd
116Trestle Rd
117Turner St
118Twin Bridges Rd
119Vroman Hill Rd
120W Park St
121W State Rd
122Wackford Rd
123Wahhlberg Rd
124Ward Loomis Rd
125Warn Pond Rd
126Warren Pond Spur
127Washington Park
128Wilcox Rd
129Williams Rd
130Willow Rd
131Wilson Rd
132Winner Rd