List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Oyster Bay, New York

#Street Name
116th St
2Anchorage Ln
3Angel Way
4Anstice St
5Auburn Ln
6Avenue Louise
7Bailey Dr
8Berry Hill Rd
9Bethpage State Pkwy
10Birch Hill Rd
11Boundary Ave
12Brendan Ave
13Brookville Rd
14Cantiague Rock Rd
15Capitol Ct
16Capitol Heights Rd
17Carls Hill Rd
18Carmans Rd
19Centre Island Rd
20Centre View Dr
21Chicken Valley Rd
22Cold Spring Rd
23Compass Ct
24Cord Pl
25Cove Rd
26Deusenberg Dr
27Duff Pl
28E Main St
29E Old Country Rd
30Feeks Ln
31Floral Ave
32Floyd Ln
33Francesca Dr
34Gailview Dr
35Glenwood Rd
36Harbor Hill Ln
37Harbor Pl
38Harbor Rd
39Haypath Rd
40 Hill Dr
41Irving Ct
42Ivy St
43Joludow Dr
44Joyce Ave
45Karen Ct
46Keel Ct
47Kellogg St
48Kenwood Ave
49Lakeshore Blvd
50Lancia Dr
51Larrabee Ave
52Lauman Ln
53Lexington Ave
54Linden St
55Lourae Dr
56Margaret Rd
57Mariners Walk
58Maxwell Ave
59Mccouns Ln
60Melbourne St
61Melville Rd
62Merritts Rd
63Michel Ave
64Mill River Rd
65Miller Pl
66Moffett St
67Muttontown Ln
68N Linden St
69N Martin Rd
70N Syracuse Ave
71Nassau St
72Oak Hill Dr
73Oak Neck Beach Rd
74Old Bethpage Rd
75Old Campus Rd
76Old Country Rd
77Park Ln
78Peachtree Dr
79Peerless Dr
80 Pine Hill Terrace
81Pine Hollow Rd
82Planting Fields Rd
83Ponds Edge Rd
84Reardon Pl
85Ripplewater Ave
86Road A
87Robbins Ln
88Round Swamp Rd
89Rush Pl
90S Oyster Bay Rd
91S Park Dr
92S Woods Rd
93Sampson St
94Sandy Hill Rd
95Scott St
96Seawanhaka Pl
97Ships Point Ln
98Sideview Dr
99Sidney St
100Simcoe St
101Singworth St
102Soundview Ave
103South St
104Split Rock Rd
105Spring St
106Staples St
107Summers St
108Summit Ct
109Summit St
110Sunny Hill Dr
111Sunnyside Blvd
112Tiffany Rd
113Tooker Ave
114Violet St
115W Main St
116W Oak Hill Dr
117W Oak St
118Weeks Ave
119Whippet Ln
120Whitney Ln
121Wood Dr