List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Patchogue, New York

#Street Name
1Abets Creek Path
2Academy Ct
3Americus Ave
4Amity St
5Andreano Ave
6Annanias Ave
7Argyle Ln
8Audobon Ave
9Avery Ave
10Bailey Ave
11Baker Pl
12Baker St
13Bambie Ln
14Barthold Ave
15Barton Ave
16Beach Plum Walk - Fire Island National Seashore
17Beatrice Ct
18Bertha St
19Bianca Rd
20Blueberry Ln
21Bolton Dr
22Boyle Ln
23Bransford St
24Bridge Ave
25Brightwood St
26Camille Ln
27Carman St
28Carstairs St
29Case Ave
30Cayuga Ln
31Cedar Grove Ct
32Cedar Grove St
33Champlain Ave
34Chapel Ave
35Charles Rd
36Cheryl Ln
37Circle Ct
38Circle Dr E
39Circle Dr N
40 Circle Dr S
41Circle Dr W
42Clifton Dr
43Club House Dr
44Colchester Ln
45Copper Beech Ct
46Corriere Pl
47Dahlia St
48Daisy St
49Danbury Ave
50Danes St
51David Way
52Davidson Ave
53Debbie Ln
54Division St
55Donegan Ave
56Donella Walk - Fire Island National Seashore
57Driftwood Walk - Fire Island National Seashore
58Durkee Ln
59Dutch Ct
60E 7th St
61E Lakewood St
62E Roe Blvd
63Eastbourne Crescent
64Edwin Ave
65Eldred St
66Electric St
67Esplanade Dr
68Evergreen Ln
69Fair Harbor Dr
70Florence Ct
71Fordham St
72Foxcroft Ln
73Franklin St
74Frost Valley Dr
75Funaro Ct
76Furman Ln
77Gale Ct
78Gale Ln
79Gazzola Dr
80 Gibbons St
81Gilbert St
82Gina Ct
83Gladiola St
84Glenwood St
85Gregg St
86Grove Ave
87Hammond St
88Harold St
89Harvard Pl
90Haven St
91Havens Ave
92Hedges Ave
93Hewlett Ave
94Holbrook Rd
95Hollow Oak Dr
96Holzer Ct
97Howard St
98Hulse Ct
99Jackwill Rd
100Jasper Ave
101Jayne Ave
102Jennings Ave
103Jones Pl
104Jones St S
105Kathryn St
106Knot St
107Kristina St
108La Bonne Vie Dr W
109Lake Shore Dr
110Lake St
111Landings Ln
112Laura Ave
113Laurel St
114Leeana Ct
115Leeward Walk - Fire Island National Seashore
116Lenox Ave
117Leo St
118Lester Ave
119Lillian Pl
120Linda Ct
121Litt St
122Logan Ln
123Louis Ct
124Lucy Ct
125Lyman Rd
126Maiden Ln
127Mainsail Dr
128Maler Ln
129Mapes Ave
130Maple Ave
131Marshall St
132Marvin St
133Maure Ave
134Melrose Pkwy
135Mercedes Ct
136Midship Ln
137Milton Ct
138Miramar Ave
139Moor Ln
140Morrison Pl
141Moss Creek Ln
142Mott St N
143Mowbray St
144Mulford St
145Munsell Rd
146N Dunton Ave
147N Prospect Ave
148N Summit Ave
149Narragansett Ave
150Newey Pl
151Northwood Ln
152Nottingham Ave
153Noxon St
154Nursery Ct
155Oakland Dr
156Orchid Rd
157Oxbow Rd
158Patchogue St
159Patchogue Yaphank Rd
160Patricia Rd
162Pepperidge Walk - Fire Island National Seashore
163Phyllis Dr
164Pine Blvd
165Pine Walk
166Pine Walkpatch
167Pitt St
168Potter St
169Price St
170Private Rd
171Redlef St
172Reel St
173Regent St
174Rezso Ct
175Rialto Way
176Rider Ave
177River Ave
178River Ct
179Riverfront St
180Roberta St
181Robin Ave
182Roe Ave
183Roseland Ln
184Rupolo Ct
185Russell Ln
186S Dunton Ave
187S Lenox Ave
188S Ocean Ave
189S Pinelake Dr
190S Prospect Ave
191S Summit Ave
192S William St
193Salt Meadow Ln
194Sandpiper Walk - Fire Island National Seashore
195Saxton St
196Scherger Ave
197Schroeder Ln
198Seafoam Walk - Fire Island National Seashore
199Seajay Walk - Fire Island National Seashore
200Seitz Ct
201Sephton St
202Sheldon Ave
203Skyhaven Dr
204Spindrift Walk - Fire Island National Seashore
205Spinnaker Ct
206Stahlman Ln
207Starboard Ln
208Stephani Ave
209Strand Dr
210Strongs Rd
211Summit St
212Swan Lake Dr
213Swan River St
214Swan View Ct
215Swan View Dr
216Swezey St
217Taber St
218Terrell St
219Terry St
220Theresa Ct
221Thorburn Ave
222Thorburn St
223Tiber Dr
224Travis Rd
225Trustees Walk - Fire Island National Seashore
226Turin St
227Tuthill Creek Dr
228Underwood St
229Valencia Ct
230Valerie Ln
231Vera Pl
232Vernon St
233Victoria Cir
234W 4
235W 5
236W Lakewood St
237W Masem Square
238W Roe Blvd
239Washington Pl
240Watergate Ln
241Waterworks Rd
242Weeks Ct
243West Ave
244Whale Bone Walk - Fire Island National Seashore
245Whalebone Walk - Fire Island National Seashore
246Wiggins Ave
247Willow Walk
248Wilstan Ave
249Windward Walk - Fire Island National Seashore
250Woodberry Rd
251Woodhill Cir
252Worcester Ct
253Yacht St