List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Perinton, New York

#Street Name
1 Park Rd
29 Mile Point Rd
3Ayrault Rd
4Balsam Ln
5Basin Office Park
6Beacon Hill
7Bending Oak Dr
8Bittersweet Rd
9Boces Blvd
10Braeloch Crossing
11Brantley Way
12Brigden Ln
13Brook Hollow Rd
14Brooktree Dr
15Brunson Way
16Bucklebury Hill
17Bunker Trail
18Burgundy Hill
19Canton Meadow
20Ceramar Dr
21Chenin Run Rd
22Chicadee Ln
23Chipmunk Trail
24Corduroy Rd
25Countryside Rd
26County Road 17
27County Road 23
28County Road 29
29County Road 44
30County Road 50
31Courtney Dr
32Crossbrook Terrace
33Crossover Rd
34Crystal Hill
35Dona Lea Rd
36Dort Cameron Dr
37Dort Cameron Rd
38Douglas Fir Dr
39Eaglesfield Way
40 Eastwood Dr
41Estates Dr E
42Evergreen Cir
43Fair Way
44Fairpoint Dr
45Fairvale Dr
46Feathery Cir
47Fiora Dr
48Fishers Rd
49Foot Hill Terrace
50Francis Dr
51Fresh Meadow Run
52Furman Rd
53Gabriel Dr
54Garnsey Rd
55Glen Cir
56Golf Stream Dr
57Green Ridge Rd
58Green Valley Rd
59Greenwood Cliff
60Hardwood Hill Rd
61Hidden Bridge
62High St Exd
63Highwood Quarter
64Honeysuckle Terrace
65Hulburt Road Exd
66Jefferson Ct
67Kerry Hill
68Kreag Rd
69Lodgeview Dr
70Macedon Center Rd
71Manorshire Dr
72Mt Liberty Dr
73N Passage
74Niblick Ct
75Oak Grove Ln
76Oakwood Manor Apartments
77Old Macedon Rd
78Olde Prestwick Way
79Onyx Dr
80 Pannell Rd
81Pearlstone Dr
82Perinton Pkwy
83Periwinkle Ln
84Persimmon Dr
85Pines Of Perinton
87Pittsford Victor Rd
88Powder Mill Dr
89Putting Green Ln
90Raymond Rd
91Red Barn Cir
93Rolling Hills Rd
94Royal Birkdale Ct
95Ryan Rd
96Sandpiper Hill
97Scr Ln
98Skelby-moor Ln
99Spring Hill
100Spring Lake Park
101Spruce Ridge Dr
102St John Of Rochester School
103St Lawrence Ln
104St Mary's Cemetery
105Steele Rd
106Stratford Ct
107Sunberry Dr
108Sylvan Knoll
109Ter Villas
110Thayer Rd
111Turk Hill Rd
112Valewood Run
113Valley Creek Dr
114Victor Rd
115Villagewood Manor Townhouses
116Whip Poor Will Trail
117Whisperwood Dr
118White Brook Rise
119White Pine Cir
120Whitney Rd
121Whitney Rd
122Whitney Rd E
123Whitney Rd W
124Whitney Ridge Apartment
125Wickford Way
126Wilkinson Rd
127Wind Song Trail
128Windchase Rise