List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Port Jefferson, New York

#Street Name
1Alden Dr
2Alice St
3Arden Pl
4Atlantic Blvd
5Barnum Ave
6Bayview Terrace
7Beach Club Rd
8Beach St
9Belle Terre Rd
10Berkshire Ct
12Bleeker St
13Brewster Dr
14Burke Rd
15California Ave
16Cemetery Ave
17Chandler Square
18Chapel St
19Chips Ct
20Chuck Ct
21Contessa Ct
22Cooper Ct
23Corie Ct
24Cove Ln
25Crescent Rd
26Dark Hollow Rd
27Deerfield Ct
28Dock Ct
29E Broadway
30E Oakland Ave
31Emerson St
32Fairway Dr
33Foxdale Ln
34Frances Ln
35Fruita St
36Glenwood Ln
37Harbor Hills Dr
38Hawkins St
39Highlands Blvd
40 Hill Dr
41Hollis St
42Hoyt Ln
43Jefferson Landing Cir
44Jones Ave
45Landing Ln
46Laurel Crescent
47Laurel Ln
48Laurita Gate
49Leeward Ct
50Longacre Ct
51Longfellow Ln
52Lookout Ridge Dr
53Lowell Pl
54Mayflower Dr
55Mill Creek Rd
56N Bleeker St
57N Columbia St
58N Lincoln Ct
59Nonawantuc Trail
60Oakes St
61Old Homestead Rd
62Old Post Rd
63Old Post Rd E
64Old Post Rd W
65Oswaco Dr
66Overlook Pass
67Overton Ave
68Owasco Dr
69Pass Way
71Pilgrim Dr
72Pine Hill Rd
73Pine Tree Ct
74Pinnacle Dr
75Presidents Dr
76Princess Tree Ct
77Puritan Path
78Quintin Ct
79Randall Ave
80 Red Barn Ln
81Red Oak Ct
82Reeves Rd
83Rockledge Path
84Roe Ln
85Rosita Ln
86Roslyn Ct
87Sands Ln
88Sawtooth Cove
89Scraggy Hill Rd
90Sea Ct Ln
91Settlers Path
92Shady Tree Ln
93Shell St
94Shelldrake Ave
95Stephen Path
96Stern Dr
97Stuarts Ct
98Texaco Ave
99Thompson St
100Thorne Ln
101Timberline Cir
102Traders Cove
103Tuthill St
104Vantage Ct
105Village Beach Rd
106Village Manor Ct
107Village Woods Rd
108W Broadway
109Whittier Pl
110Wilmot Rd
111Windward Ct N
112Windward Ct S
113Windward Dr
114Wynn Ln