List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Port Jefferson Station, New York

#Street Name
1Admiral St
2Alabama Ave
3Alden Way
4Aleisha Ln
5Andrew St
6Ardmer Dr
7Badger Ct
8Barbara Ave
9Barraud Dr
10Bates Dr
11Beach Ave
12Bergen Pl
13Bobcat Ln
14Bobcat Rd
15Breton Rd
16Broadhurst St
17Caroline Ct
18Carolyn Rd
19Charm City Dr
20Chereb Ln
21Cherub Dr
22Ciliotta Ln
23Clematis St
24Clifton Pl
25Colony Rd
26Commodore Cir
27Comsewogue Ct
28Concord Cir
29Constance Ln
30Continental Dr
31Coram Rd
32Cosimo Ct
33Cottontail Ln
34Davis Ave
35Day St
36Donald St
37Dorothy St
38Enterprise Dr
39Eve Ann Dr
40 Fairbanks St
41Farnham Pl
42Ficus St
43Foxrun Ct
44Fradelos St
45Frederick Rd
46Gayle Ct
47Gaymore Rd
48Groton Dr
49Grove St
50Hall St
51Hallock Ave
52Harborview Ave
54Iowa Ave
55Jamar Dr
56Jarvin Rd
57Jayne Blvd
58Jeanne Ave
59Jefferson Blvd
60Joseph Rd
61Katherine St
62Keewaydin Ct
63Kempster St
64Kennedy Rd
65Kensington Way
66Lamport Ave
67Langley Ct
68Lawrence Aviation Dr
69Legacy Ct
70Lenore Ct
71Lenox St
72Lillian St
73Linda St
74Marco Ct
75Margaret St
76Mark St
77Martha Pl
78Maryanne Ave
79Matt St
80 May Rd
81Medical Dr
82Mercer St
83Miller Ave
84Minrol St
85Monarch St
86Morgan Ave
87Morgan Ave N
88Morgan Ave S
89Ned Ct
90Nicole Dr
91Olympia St
92Parkridge Cir
93Parnell Ln
94Parnet Ct
95Paul St
96Phoenix Ave
97Piedmont Dr
98Priscilla Ln
99Pritchard Crescent
100Radburn Ln
101Ranger Ln
102Reo Ave
103Revere Cir
104Ringo Rd
105Rush St
106S Columbia St
107Sagamore Hills Dr
108Sage Rd
109Saybrook Ct
110Shamrock Ct
111Sharon St
112Stacy Dr
113Sterling St
114Stoneington Way
115Stuyvesant Ct
116Sylvan Ln
117Tap St
118Tennessee Ct
119Terryville Rd
120Thames St
121Tom Ct
122Woodhull Ave
123Wyckoff Ave
124Wykoff Ave