List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Rockville Centre, New York

#Street Name
1Addison Pl
2Aldershott Ct
3Allen Rd
4Amherst Ct
5Arden Ct
6Ardsley Cir
7Arrandale Rd
8Atkinson Rd
9Banbury Rd
10Banks Ave
11Baylis Rd
12Behnke Ct
13Bennett St
14Blenheim Ct
15Bradford Ct
16Bramshott Ct
17Brevoort Pl
18Briarwood Ct
19Brouwer Ln
20Buckminster Rd
21Bulson Rd
22Burtis Ave
23Calais Ct
24California St
25Capitolian Blvd
26Cash Ct
27Cash Ln
28Claude St
29Clinton Ave
30Columbia Rd
31Combes Ave
32Cornwell St
33Crocker St
34Cumberland St
35Davison Pl
36Demott Pl
37Denton Ct
38Dover Ct
39Driscoll Ave
40 Earle Ave
42Flagstaff Pl
43Fonda Rd
44Forest Pl
45Forestdale Rd
46Fountain Ave
48Greystone Rd
49Hamilton Rd
50Hamilton St
51Hanscom Pl
52Harvard Ave
53Hawke Ln
54Hewitt Rd
55Heyward Ln
56Hollywood Ct
57Huber Ct
59Judson Pl
60Kenwood Ct
61Kirkwall Ct
62Latimer Ct
63Leeds Ct
64Lehigh Ct
65Leon Ct
66Library Ln
67Lincoln Ct
68Linhurst Pl
69Loch Path
70Loel Ct
71Maine Ave
72Major Ct
73Marlborough Ct
74Mc Gann Dr
75Meehan Ln
76Melton Dr E
77Melton Dr W
78Merriam Ct
79Midfarm Rd
80 Milburn St
81Milford Pl
82Milton Ct
83Morgan Days Ln
84Morris Ave
85Muirfield Rd
86Murray Ct
87N Centre Ave
88N Forest Ave
89N Kensington Ave
90N Lewis Pl
91N Marion Pl
92N Oceanside Rd
93N Village Ave
94Neylon Ct
95Norcross St
96Old Mill Ct
97Olive Ct
98Ongley St
99Osborne Pl
100Oxford Rd
101Paddock Ln
102Parkwood Ct
103Pembroke Ct
104Pickwick Terrace
105Princeton Rd
106Purdy Ct
107Quealy Pl
108Raymond St
109Reeve Rd
110Revere St
111Rockville Ave
112Rodney Pl
113Roxen Rd
114Royal Ct
115Rutland Ave
116S Centre Ave
117S Forest Ave
118S Kensington Ave
119S Lewis Pl
120S Long Beach Rd
121S Marion Pl
122S Station Plaza
123S Village Ave
124Schuyler Ave
125Seitz Ave
126Shellbank Pl
127Shelton Ct
128Shepherd St
129Southard Ave
130Stonewell Rd
131Strathmore Ln
132Surrey Ln
133Tamwood Ct
134Tarence St
135Thomas Rd
136Vanderveer Ct
137Varick Ct
138Vassar Pl
139Vernon Ave
140Vernon Ct
141Vincent St
142Voorhis Ave
143Wachusetts St
144Wallace Ct
145Wellsley Rd
146Whitby Ct
147Whitehall Rd
148Willetts Ct
149Windermere Pl
150Windham Rd
151Woodgreen Pl
152Woods Pl
153Wright Rd
154Yale Pl