List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Ronkonkoma, New York

#Street Name
117th Ave
21st Ct
32nd Ct
43rd Ct
55th Dr
6Adolphi Pl
7Adrian Dr
8Air Park Dr
9Airport Industrial Condominium
10Airway Rd - Long Island Macarthur Airport (isp)
11Alexander Blvd
12Alexander Ct
13Amherst Rd
14Annette Ct
15Apache St
16Apricot Pl
17Arbutus Ct
18Ardee Ave
19Ardito Ct
20Arrival Ave
21Avenue F
22Avenue J
23Babcock Ave
24Baeck St
25Balaton Ave
26Beachview Pl
27Beech Dr
28Beech St S
29Bell Ct
30Belle Ave
31Blythe Rd
32Bo Ct
33Bodanyi Pl
34Bokel Rd
35Borman Ct
36Boulder St
37Bradford Ave
38Breeze Ave
39Brittany Way
40 Brown Pl
41Browns Blvd
42Bunker Pl
43Burnham Pl
44Calvert Ave
45Campus Ln
46Canoe Pl
47Cara Dr
48Carl St
49Carlson Rd
50Carol Dr
51Carroll Ave
52Cenacle Rd
53Central Islip Blvd
54Champlin St
55Cherokee St
56Cheryl Dr
57Chestnut Ave
58Clark Dr - Long Island Macarthur Airport (isp)
59Claudia Ct
60Clifford Pl
61Collington Dr
62Colt Ct
63Comac Loop
64Comac St
65Conway St
66County Road 29
67Cousins Ct
68Creighton Ave
69Criss St
70Croaton St
71Crossover Rd
72Croydon Ave
73Dakota St
74Damon Ln
75David Ln
76Deer Rd
77Dennis Dr
78Departure Rd - Long Island Macarthur Airport (isp)
79Division Rd
80 Dominion Blvd
81Dougbeth Dr
82Drew Ct
83Duane Dr
84Duncan Ave
85E Dr
86E Lake Terrace
87Easton St
88Eastview Rd
89Eileen Dr
90Elan Ln
91Elder Ln
92Elroy Ave
93Emerald St
94Ethan Ln
95Fairway Ln
96Farmardie Dr
97Fir Grove Rd
98Fleetwood Ct
99Flint Pl
100Forest Ct
101Forest View Dr
102Foster Rd
103Gail Dr
104Garrity Ave
105Gary Way
106Georgia Ave
107Graham Ave
108Granby Pl
109Gregory Dr
110Hamel Ln
111Hanson Pl
112Harding Rd
113Haug Dr
114Haven Ave
115Hawkeye St
116Haynes Ct
117Heilman Ave
118Hering Dr - Long Island Macarthur Airport (isp)
119Heritage Ct
120Hermart Ln
121Hester Ln
122Holbrook Ave
123Holly Rd
124Huxley Ln
125Innis Ave
126Iroquois St
127Jamar Ln
128Jan Ct
129Jay St
130Joan St
131Johnson Rd - Long Island Macarthur Airport (isp)
132Joseph Ave
133Joy Pl
134Julia Goldbach Ave
135Kathryn Ln
136Kayron Dr
137Kingdom Ct
138Kirby Ln
139Koehler Ave
140Lake Park St
141Lake Promenade
142Lakecrest Ln
143Lakeland St
144Lakeview Ct
145Lakewood Rd
146Larch Ave
147Larch St
148Latham Pl
149Laurel Blvd
150Leicester Ave
151Liszt St
152Locust Blvd
153Longhouse Ln
154Madach St
155Magua St
156Mannes St
157Marc St
158Marconi Ave
159Mary Ave
160Matice Pl
161May Ct
162Maystrik Ave
163Mc Afee Ct
164Metzner Rd
165Michigan St
166Millers Ct
167Mohican Ave
168Monte Ct
169Mountain St
170Mumford Pl
171N 3
172N 5
173N 6
174N Cedar Ave
175N Huron St
176N Ontario St
177Natalie Ct
178Neil Pl
179Newton Blvd
180Norwood Ln
181Old Rosevale Ave
182Oneida St
183Ontario St
184Orville Dr N
185Oxford Pl
186Pamlico Ave
187Parkwood St
188Parr Dr
189Paul Pl
190Pawnee St
191Peconic St
192Peter Rd
193Pine Ave
194Pleasure Ave
195Port Ave
196Portion Rd
197Remington Ave
198Renwick Rd
199Richard Pl
200Richmond Blvd
201Roebling Ct
202Rolan Ct
203Rose Dr
204Round Pond Rd
205Ruby Pl
206S 1
207S 4
208Samuel St
209Schaefer Ave
210Schmidt Ave
211School St
212Seminole St
213Seneca St
214Shelter Rd
215Sherwood Ct
216Sioux St
217Sloan Dr
218Smithtown Ave
219Southport St
220Springdale Dr
221St Charles St
222St Joseph Ave
223Taylor Ct
224Teddy Ct
225Terrace Ct
226The Vale
227Thorne St
228Thrift St
229Thrift St W
230Topaz Dr
231Trade Zone Ct
232Trade Zone Dr
233Turul Pl
234Uhl St
235Union Pkwy
236Valley St
237Van Schack Pl
238Victory Dr
239Victory St
240W 6
241W 7
242W 8
243Wainwright St
244Walnut Ave
245Waltess Rd
246Warner Ln
247Waterview Ave
248Webster Ave
249Wedgewood Ct
250Weichers Ave
251Weichers Pl
252Weichers St
253Wildwood Rd
254Willis Ave
255Willow Pl
256Winchester Rd
257Windham Ln
258Wittridge Rd
259Wyant Ave
260Yerk Ave