List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Salisbury, New York

#Street Name
1Adkins Rd
2Aspen Hills Pond Rd
3Aster Pl N
4Aster Pl S
5Bach Ct
6Barnes Rd
7Berkshire Dr
8Bingham Mills Rd
9Birchwood Dr
10Bob Reed Ln
11Bob Reed Pl
12Boelsen Dr
13Bromton Dr
14Brookside Ct
15Buckley Dr
16Cameo Ln
17Cane Ln
18Captain's Gate
19Cardinal Ln
20Carol Ln
21Case Rd
22Chime Ln
23Choir Ln
24Choir Ln S
25Cobalt Ln
26College Ln
27Cottonwood Ln
28County Road 130
29County Road 144
30County Road 164
31County Road 221
32Covered Bridge Rd
33Cowl Ln
34Crown Ln
35Crystal Ln
36Curtiss Rd
37Cypress Ln
38Cypress Ln E
39Cypress Ln W
40 Daly Rd
41Davie St
42Demott Ct
43Donovan Rd
44E Plum Tree Rd
45Edgewood Dr
46Elderberry Dr
47Elmhurst Dr
48Emmonsburg Rd
49Fairview Rd
50Fawn Ln
51Fish And Game Clubhouse Rd
52Flagstone Ln
53Flower St
54Foster Ln
55Friends Ln
56Gasser Ave
57Gloucester Ct
58God's Way
59Handy Ln
60Hark Ln
61Hearth Ln
62Hedge Ln
63Helen Ave
64Hidden Ln
65Hoe Ln
66House Hill Rd
67Hurley Ln
68Iris Pl
69Irondale Rd
70Ives Rd
71Jeff Ct
72Jerseyfield Rd
73Kathleen Pl
74Keller Rd
75Kingsley Rd
76Lace Ln
77Ladenburg Dr
78Lake View Dr
79Lamp Ln
80 Land Ln
81Legend Ln
82Legion Rd
83Level Ln
84Lindy Rd
85Lion Ln
86Lotus Ln
87Lower James Rd
88Mang Rd
89March Ln
90Mcclure Rd
91Mellow Ln
92Melody Ln
93Merillon Ave
94Merriman Rd
95Meryl Dr
96Mexico Rd
97Mist Ln
98Murray Dr
99N Rd
100Narrow Way
101Oak Mountain Dr
102Oakwood Ct
103Page Ln
104Palm Ln
105Patience Ln
106Peck Rd
107Perkins Mill Rd
108Pilgrim Ln
109Pinecone Ln
110Placid Ln
111Plant Ln
112Plant Rd
113Plant Road Spur
114Plum Tree Rd N
115Plum Tree Rd W
116Polo Ln
117Port Ln
118Pride Ln
119Prince Ln
120Radley Rd
121Ralph Ct
122Ralph Pl
123Regent Ct N
124Regent Ct S
125Rice Rd
126Rose Pl
127Roxbury Dr
128Salisbury Rd
129Satterlee Rd
130Schmitt Ct
131Shaad Rd
132Shaver Rd
133Sherman Ct
134Snowman Dr
136Spruce Lake Road Exd
137St Paul St
138Sullivan Rd
139Switzer Rd
140Taylor Dr
141Thompson Rd
142Ukaranean Rd
143Upper Bungtown Rd
144Upper James Rd
145Valentines Rd
146Volante Pl
147W Cabot
148W Cabot Ln
149Wellington Ct
150Westbury Dr
151Westley Rd
152Windsor St