List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Selden, New York

#Street Name
1Abinet Ct
2Alma Ave
3Ambassador Ln
4Anne Dr
5Awixa Pl
6Bart Dr
7Belair Rd
8Bellaire Ave
9Bellrose Ave
10Berkeley Ave
11Bicycle Ct
12Buckskin Ln
13Buick Dr
14Camp Dr
15Campo Ave
16Carston St
17Carston St W
18Catalina Ln
19Catherine Ct
20Charter Rd
21Cherokee Ave
22Cherry St
23Choate Ave
24Chuck Ln
25Corvair Ln
26Corvette Rd
27Crestwood Ave
28Daisy Pl
29Dare Rd
30Dart Dr
31David Dr
32Days Ave
33Deville Dr
34Don Ln
35Durst Dr
36Edna Ln
37Elmwood Ave
38Emiley Ave
39Emlu Dr
40 Executive Rd
41Fairlane Ct
42Fairlane Dr
43Farner Ave
44Ferndale Ave
45Flintlock Ln
46Fountain Ave
47Fox Hill Pl
48Fran Ln
49Fury Dr
50Galaxie Ln
51Gary Pl
52Gerta Ct
53Gerta Pl
54Gerta St
55Glenn Way
56Hawk Dr
57Hemlock St
58Henry Ave
59Highview Ave
60Hope Ct
61Hope Ct E
62Imperial Dr
63Independence Plaza
64Inwood Ave
65Iowa St
66Iroquois Ave
67Jane Ln
68Jane St
69Janice Ln
70Joy Rd
71Julie Ln
72King Ave
73Larry Rd
74Linden St
75Linwood Ave
76Magnolia Dr
77Magnolia Pl
78Majestic Rd
79Mallard Ave
80 Manhasset Ave
81Maplewood Ave
82March Ct
83Marlo Ct
84Marlo Rd
85Marshall Dr
86Martha Ln
87Mayson Ct
88Monarch Ave
89Mueller Dr
90N Bicycle Path
91N Evergreen Dr
92N Larry Rd
93N Newtown Ave
94Nancy Pl
95Nelson Rd
96Newtown Ave
97Norwalk Ln
98Oakmont Ave
99Ocala Ct
100Old Selden Stage Rd
101Ormond Ave
102Osage St
103Pamela Ln
104Paula Blvd
105Peconic Ln
106Pinecrest Pl
107Pinehurst Ct
108Plandome Pl
109Plaza Ln
110Pontiac Ct
111Pontiac Rd
112Powderhorn Ln
113Remington Ave
114Rhodes Ct
115Richard Dr
116Richard Rd
117Richard St
118Rocket Ct
119Ronkonkoma Blvd
120Rose Pl
121Roselyn St
122Roslyn Ave
123S Evergreen Dr
124S Larry Rd
125S Mallard Ave
126S Ruland Rd
127Salem Ln
128Samuels Ln
129Sandy Ln
130Savoy Ct
131Selden Ct
132Seneca Pl
133Spruceton St
134Stagecoach Rd
135Stephen Ave
136Strauss Ave
137Stuyvesant Dr
138Summer Ave
139Tempest Rd
140Tilden Ave
141Tuscala St
142Urban Dr
143Van Brunt Ave
144Victor Ave
145W Rd
146Walter Eliz
147Wanda Pl
148Washington Heights St
149Wayside Ln
150Windsor Dr
151Woodmere Pl
152Wyandotte St
154Wyanet St