List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Shirley, New York

#Street Name
1Adobe Dr
2Adobe Dr W
3Alcolade Dr E
4Alcolade Dr W
5Alder Ln
6Allanwood Dr
7Amarr Dr
8Appel Dr
9Argyle Dr
10Arpage Dr E
11Arpage Dr W
12Arrowhead Dr
13Ashley Pl
14Ashwood Dr
15Auborn Ave
16Baybright Dr
17Baybright Dr E
18Baybright Dr W
19Beacon St
20Beatrice Dr
21Belmont Dr
22Birch Hollow Dr
23Blanco Dr
24Bobbikar Ln
25Breston Dr E
26Breston Dr W
27Brushwood Dr
28Camp Upton Rd
29Campbell Dr
30Candido Ave
31Candido Ave S
32Carmen View Dr
33Carnation Dr
34Chanel Dr E
35Clyde Rd
36Colin Dr
37Concord Rd
38Coraci Blvd
39Corbin Ave
40 Cotton Tail Ct
41Crestwood Dr
42Crestwood Dr E
43Cypress Ln
44Dawn Dr
45Decatur Ave
46Dorsett Pl
47Duneview Dr
48E Rugby Dr
49Edwards Dr
50Essex Cir
51Fleet Rd
52Flower Hill Dr
53Flower Hill Dr E
54Floyd Rd
55Floyd Rd N
56Floyd Rd S
57Forrest Ave
58Francine Pl
59Francis Landau Pl
60Free State Dr
61Garden Pl
62Golden Gate Ct
63Golden Gate Dr
64Golden Gate Ln
65Grandview Dr
66Halewood Dr
67Happy Acres Dr
68Havenwood Dr
69Havenwood Dr E
70Hay Rd
71Helene Ave
72Helene Dr
73Herman Ct
74Heston Rd
75Holly Ln
76Hounslow Rd
77Huron Rd
78Hurstwood Rd
79Kent Dr
80 Lama Dr
81Laurel Ln
82Lexington Rd N
83Linden Ln
84Lisa Ct
85Lockwood Dr
86Lombardy Dr
87Loughlin Dr
88Lucerne Ave
89Lynn Pl - Brookhaven Airport (wsh)
90Malba Dr
91Manor Dr
92Margin Dr
93Margin Dr E
94Margin Dr W
95Mastic Blvd E
96Mastic Blvd W
97Monty Pl
98Musket Dr
99Northern Blvd
100Norwood Dr
101Olive Ln
102Ormond Pl
103Ostend Cir
104Palm Pl
105Palmetto Dr
106Parkwood Dr
107Patterson Rd
108Pentmoor Dr
109Peters Dr
110Pheasant Way
111Pinetop Dr
112Pinetree Dr
113Pinewood Dr
114Plymouth Pl
115Presford Dr
116Probst Dr
117Propose Rd
118Puritan Dr
119Ranch Dr
120Revilo Ave
121Ridgewood Dr
122Roberts Rd
123Roberts Rd E
124Roberts Rd W
125Robinwood Dr
126Robinwood Dr W
127Rockledge Dr
128Roda Dr
129Rowlinson Dr
130Rugby Dr
131Rugby Dr W
132Sagewood Dr
133Schenk Dr
134Seymour Dr
135Sleepy Hollow Dr
136Sorrel Dr
137Sportsman Ct
138St George Dr
139St George Dr E
140Stacy Ct
141Starlight Dr
142Stratler Dr
143Stuart Rd
144Suffolk Blvd
145Sunset Dr
146Surrey Cir
147Tallwood Dr
148Tallwood Rd
149The Green
150Thornwood Dr
151Tipton Dr E
152Tipton Dr W
153Trafalgar Dr
154Tudor Rd W
155Tyne Rd
156Victory Ave
157W Parkview Dr
158W Rugby Dr
159Waldorf Dr
160Waters Edge
161Wellwood Dr
162West End Ave
163Windus Dr
164Winters Dr
165Woodchuck Ct