List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Smithtown, New York

#Street Name
15 Acre Ct
2Albatross Ln
3Alberta Ct
5Alexander Ave
6Alfred Ln
7Alpine Ct
8Amsterdam Rd
9Annette Ave
10Ardra Ct
11Argyle Pl
12Aron St
13Asbury Dr
14Ashland Dr
15Atterbury Dr
16Attridge Dr
17Averly Pl
18Bank Ave
19Barnes St
20Barton Ln
21Bass Ct
22Bayberry Ln
23Belford Ln
24Bellemeade Ave
25Bianco Ct
26Bishops Rd
27Blydenburg Ave
28Blydenburgh Ave
29Bowers Ct
30Bradley Ct
31Brasswood Ln
32Briaroot Dr
33Bridge Branch Rd
34Bridle Path Rd
35Brilner Dr
36Brook Ct
37Brook Ln
38Brooksite Dr
39Burham Ct
40 Burham Dr
41Burlington Blvd
42Buttonwood Path
43Cakewalk Terrace
44Canter Ct
45Carrie Ct
46Catherine Ave
47Central Rd
48Churchill Ln
49Cindy St
50Clearbrook Dr
51Clover Dr
52Concord Ln
53Cottontail Ct
54County Road 87
55Crawford St
56Crescent Pl
57Croft Ln
58Cross St
59Cusick Ave
60Cygnet Dr
61Dale Ln
62Daphne Pl
63Darling Ave
64Dehan St
65Demont St
66Derby Pl
67Devon Ln
68Dillmont Dr
69Doe Ct
70Doretta Pl
71Dunedin St
72Eckernkamp Dr
73Eden Dr
74Edgar Dr
75Edgewater Ave
76Edgewood Ave
77Einstein Pl
78Elayne Ct
79Elizabeth Ave
80 Ellbert St
81Elm Ave
82Enchanted Forest Rd
83Erita Ln
84Ernest Ct
85Estate Rd
86Everett Pl
87Everit Pl
88Fairoaks Ln
89Fawn Pl
90Flamingo Dr
91Florence Ave
92Forest Ln
93Franciscan Ln
94Gardiner Rd
95Gedney Ave
96Georgetown Pl
97Gilbert Ave
98Ginger Bread Rd
99Glamore Ct
100Gorham Ln
101Grandview Ln
102Grassy Ln
103Grassy Pond Dr
104Grassy Pond Dr S
105Graystone Ln
106Greenwich Rd
107Grill Dr
108Haig Pl
109Half Acre Ct
110Harcourt Ave
111Harloquin Dr
112Harvard Ave
113Hauppauge Blvd
114Hauppauge Rd
115Hawthorne Dr
116Hayloft Ct
117Hazel Dr
118Head Of The River
119Helen Ave
120Henlee Ct
121Hiawatha Ln
122Higbie Dr
123High Gate Ct
124High Gate Dr
125Hill Ln
126Hills Park Ln
127Hindes Ct
128Howell Dr
129Hunter Dr
130Huntington Ave
131Hurtin Blvd
132Indian Head Rd
133Ingelore Ct
134Iona Ln
135Iris Ln
136Ivy Hill Dr
137Jennifer Rd
138Jerome St
139Jillit Dr
140Juniper Ave
141Karl Ave
142Kim Pl
143Kingfisher Dr
144Knob Hill Dr
145Knollwood Ln
146Kohlsaat Ct
147Lakebridge Dr N
148Lakebridge Dr S
149Landing Ave
150Landing Meadow Rd
151Landing Rd
152Lanenne Ct
153Larkspur Dr
154Larsen Ave
155Larson Ave
156Lawrence Ave
157Lawrence Rd
158Leahs Ct
159Ledgewood Dr
160Legend Ct
161Legion Dr
162Lindron Ave
163Lizetta St
164Lone Oak Path
165Lonni Ln
166Looking Glass Ct
167Lynam Ct
168Lynch Ln
169Ma Bell Ln
170Mallard Ln
171Marcella Ct
172Mark Dr
173Marlan Ct
174Mars Ct
175Maylin Ct
176Mcarthur Ln
177Mclain Dr
178Meadow Rd
179Milleridge Ln
180Mobrey Ln
181Monroe Ct
182Moonlit Ct
183Morewood Dr
184Mt Pleasant Rd
185Mulberry Dr
186N Ingelore Ct
187Nadia Ct
188Nan Pl
189Neil Dr
190New Mill Rd
191Nissequoque River Rd
192Noel Pl
193North Ave
194Northside Cir
195Nowick Ln
196Oakside Dr
197Oakside Rd
198Old Commack Rd
199Old Hauppauge Rd
200Old Landers Ct
201Old Northport Rd
202Oreste St
203Overhill Dr
204Overlook Ct
205Pantzer St
206Parkway Dr S
207Parnell Dr
208Pasture Rd
209Paul Ln
210Percy St
211Pia Blvd
212Pine Ridge Dr
213Pineacre Dr
214Plaisted Ave
215Plymouth Blvd
216Poplar Dr
217Potter Ct
218Prescott Ln
219Primrose Ln
220Priscilla Rd
221Quaker Ln
222Queens Ave
223Ramondo Ln
224Ray Ln
225Reeves St
226Rhoda Ave
227River Heights Ct
228River Heights Dr
229Riverview Terrace
230Romeo Dr
231Roosevelt Dr
232Rosalia Ct
233Rose St
234Rotondi Ct
235Roundabout Rd
236Rowan St
237S Lot Rd
238Salt Hay Way
239Sandalwood Dr
240Sandy Dr
241Schubert Dr
242Seaver Ct
243Seaver Ln
244Shep Jones Ln
245Sherbrooke Dr
246Sheryl Crescent
247Smithtown Crescent
248Smithtown Rd
249South Ave
250Springbriar Ln
251Spruce St
252St Johnland Rd
253St Nicholas Ave
254Stengel Pl
255Sterling Ln
256Stone Gate Ct
257Stony Hill Path
258Strongs Ct
259Stuyvesant Ln
260Summerset Dr
261Sunken Meadow Rd
262Supreme Ct
263Sybil Pl
264Talbot Ln
265Tammi Ct
266Tanglewood Dr
267Teal Ln
268Teapot Ln
269Terri Dr
270Thatch Pond Rd
271The Spout
272Theodore St
273Thide Ct
274Thomas Pl
275Tiffany Ln
276Timber Croft Way
277Timothy Ct
278Tishner Ln
279Tony Dr
280Tree Top Terrace
281Trent Ln
282Ursular Ct
283Valant Ct
284Valley Ave
285Valleywood Rd
286Vassar Pl
287Verdi St
288Vernon Pl
289Veronica Ct
290Veterans Hwy
291Vistas Cir
292Wadsworth Pl
293Wagon Wheel Ct
294Walnut Rd
295Wandering Way
296Ward Dr
297Wayfarer Ln
298Welsley Ln
299Weston Ln
300Westwood Ln
301Whisper Ln
302Whispering Woods Dr
303White Oak Dr
304White Pine Ct
305Whitney Ct
306Whitney Gate
307Wild Run
308Wildflower Dr
309Wildwood Ln
310Willow Ridge Dr
311Winona St
312Winslow Ln
313Winston Dr
314Woodland Ln
315Woodrow Ln
316Wyandanch Blvd
317Yellow Top Ln