List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Syosset, New York

#Street Name
14th Pl
25th Pl
3Abby Ln
4Aerial Way
5Albergo Ln
6Albert Ave
7Alderwood Ln
8Alexander Dr
9Alpine Dr
10Andover Dr
11Anita Ave
12Ann Dr
13Apple St
14Arizona Ave
15Ashford Dr
16Avon Ct
17Azalea Dr
18Balsar Ct
19Barry Ln
20Barston St
21Beatrice Ave
22Belmont Cir
23Berkley Ln
24Beth Pl
25Betty St
26Bradley Ct
27Burke Ln
28Burtis Ln
29Calvert Dr
30Calvin Ave
31Cambria Rd
32Candy Ln
33Caren Ct
34Carolyn Ct
35Cary St
36Center Gate
37Chelsea Dr
38Cheshire Ave
39Circle Dr
40 Clearland Rd
41Colony Ln
42Colorado Ct
43Comet Rd
44Convent Ct
45Convent Rd
46Corin Ct
47Cory Ct
48Crestwood St
49Crome Rd
50Debra Pl
51Deer Path Ln
52Devine Ave
53Donald Dr
54Doone Dr
55Dorcas Ave
56Drury Ln
57E Greenway Cir
58E Park Dr
59E Service Rd
60Eaton Rd
61Edna Dr
62Eileen Way
63Elderberry Rd
64Elf Rd
65Eliot Ct
66Elliman Pl
67Ellis Dr
68Elmwood Ln
69Evelyn Ln
70Evon Dr
71Fams Ct
72Fen Ct
73Fen Way
74Fieldstone Dr
75Flo Dr
76Florence Dr
77Gainsboro Ln
78Garden Cir
79Gary Rd
80 Geoffrey Ave
81Georgia Dr
82Greenvale Ln
83Greenway Cir
84Greenway Dr N
85Greenway Dr S
86Griffin Ln
87Harmony Ct
88Harriet Dr
89Haskett Dr
90Henni Ct
91Hickman Ct
92Hickman St
93Hicks Ave
94Hidden Ridge Dr
95Hillside Ln
96Hoagland Ave
97Holly Dr
98Honey Dr
99Horton Pl
100Huckleberry Ct
101Humphrey Dr
102Ira Rd
103Jackson Ct
104Jarvis Ave
105Jean Pl
106Jerome St
107Kathleen Dr
108Kathleen Dr E
109Kathleen Dr N
110Kathleen Dr W
111Keen Gate
112Lenore St
113Lesley Dr
114Lewis Ln
115Lilac Dr
116Lincrest St
117Lisa Ct
118London Rd
119Loretta Dr
120Lucille Dr
121Market Dr
122Marlene Dr
123Marsak Ln
124Marsulin Dr
125Marta Ln
126Maryetta Ct
127Melanie Ln
128Mesa Rd
129Miller Blvd
130Milton Ln
131Mitchell Ln
132Monfort Pl
133Montana Ct
134Morris Ct
135Nana Pl
136Narcissus Dr
137Nathan Ct
138Nelson Ct
139Nelson Ln
140Oakwood Dr
141Odell Ct
142Old Oak Ct
143Oregon Ct
144Park Dr E
145Parkfield Ct
146Patricia Ln
147Peg Pl
148Pelican Ct
149Pell Ln
150Perry Ct
151Pickwick Dr E
152Pickwick Dr N
153Pickwick Dr W
154Pine Rd
155Pond Dr
156Preston Ln
157Raynham Dr
158Renee Rd
159Richmond St
160Rita St
161Robert Cir
162Rodeo Cir
163Rodeo Dr
164Ronald Ln
165Russell Park Rd
166Ryan Ct
167Ryan St
168S Parkfield Ct
169Sagamore Dr
170Samuel Ct
171Saturn Ct
172School House Ln
173Searington Dr
174Sexton Rd
175Sherman Dr
176Somerset Pl
177Southwood Cir
178Split Rock Ln
179Spruce Park
180Stratford Pl
181Stuart Dr
182Summit Way
183Sunbeam Rd
184Syosset Cir
185Tacoma Ln
186Teibrook Ave
187Terrehans Ln
188Texas Ct
189The Chase
190The Glade
191The Hollows
192The Knoll
193The Mall
194The Mews
195The Vale
196Towl Gate Ln
197Townsend Dr
198Townsend Pl
199Tredwell Ct
200Underhill Ave
201Underhill Blvd
202Van Sise Ct
203Venus Rd
204Virginia Rd
205W Greenway Cir
206W Jericho Turnpike
207Walker Ave
208Wanda Ln
209Warner Ln
210Warren Dr
211Waterford Way
212Wendy Dr
213Whetmore Dr
214Whitman Ave
215Willets Ave
216Willets Dr
217Williams Ave
218Wisteria Pl
219Wood Ct
220Woodbury Rd
221Woodbury Way
222Woodland Gate
223Wyoming Ct