List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Uniondale, New York

#Street Name
11st Pl
22nd Pl
3Alcyon Pl
4Amsterdam Ave
5Anchor Way
6Arcadia Ave
7Ardwick Pl
8Argyle Ave
9Armond St
10Atom Ct
11Avenue D
12Baldwin Ct
13Barry Pl
14Beck St
15Bira St
16Braxton St
17California Ave
18Cambria St
19Campus St
20Cewell Ave
21Cewell St
22Charles Pl
23Charter Ct
24Chester St
25Clare Rd
26Clarendon Rd
27Clark Pl
28Coleridge Rd
29Colonial St
30Commodore Rd
31Compass St
32Cooper Ct
33Cornelius Ct
34Cottage St
35Cunningham Ave
36Cynthia Rd
37Dale Pl
38Ditmas Ave
39Duryea Ave
40 Edgemere Ave
41Emerson St
42Fall Ave
43Fayette St
44Fenimore Ave
45Fisher Ave
46Fiske Pl
47Fullerton Ave
48Galley St
49Gerald St
50Gilroy Ave
51Goodrich St
52Greengrove Ave
53Hempstead Blvd
54Hillside Ct
55Huntington Pl - Hofstra University
56Jaffa Ave
57James Pl
58Jenny Ct
59Keen Pl
60Knabbe Ct
61Krull St
62Laclede Ave
63Larboard Ct
64Leslie Ln
65Liberty St
66Lindy Pl
67Linwood St
68Macon Pl
69Manor Pkwy
70Maplegrove Ave
71Marshall Ct
72Marvin Ave
73Mathilda Pl
74Matteline St
75Mckenna Pl
76Meadowbrook Pl - Hofstra University
77Menard St
78Merillon St
79Midland St
80 Midwood St
81Mize Ct
82Moffat Pl
83Myron St
84N Front St
86New Jersey Ave
87New St
88Newport Ave
89Newton Ave
90Norris Ave
91Northern Pkwy
92Northgate Ct
93Northgate Ct S
94Northgate Dr
95Orbit Ln
96Paff Ave
97Pamlico Ave
98Pemaco Ln
99Pembroke St
100Phillip Rd
101Planders Ave
102Plymouth Ct
103Reckson Plaza
104Rochelle Ct
105Ruxton Pl
106Ruxton St
107Spring Ave
108Spruce Pl
109Spuhler Pl
110St Agnes Rd
111Stanton Blvd
112Susan Pl
113Terrace Ct
114Terrell Pl
115Tower Ct
116Tulsa St
117Union Dr
118Valcour Ave
119Wake St
120Waldorf Pl
121Walter St
122Walton Ave
123Warwick St
124Waypark Ave
125Webster Ave
126Wellelein Rd
127Winter Ave
128Woodbine St