List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Waterford, New York

#Street Name
12nd Ave
23rd Ave
33rd St
46th St
57th St
69th St
7Anchor Dr
8Appaloosa Ct
9Arch St
10Ballston St
11Barley Ct
12Barratt Dr
13Bechard Ln
14Belanger Ave
15Bells Ln
16Bells Ln N
17Birch Glen Dr
18Bluebird Ct
19Brigantine Dr
20Briggs Ln
21Brookwood Rd
22Burton Ave
23Buttercup Ct
24Canvasback Ridge
25Cappabianca Dr
26Captains Blvd
27Catallo Dr
28Catallo Rd
29Champlain St
30Circle Ln
31Clemente Ln
32Clifton St
33Clinton Ave
34Clippership Ln
35Clute Rd
36Clute St
37Columbia St
38Columbus Ave
39Cooks Ct
40 Copperfield Dr
41County Road 9
42Craig Ave
43Crestview Ave
44Crowsnest Ct
45Davis Ave
46Davis Dr
47Delaware Ave
48Devitt Rd
49Devitt Rd S
50Domenica Dr
51Drake Ct
52Elmgrove Ave
53Erie Ct
54Fairfax Row
55Fairview Ave
56Fane Ct
57Farmview Ln
58Ferguson Ln
59Ferguson St
60Flamingo Ln
61Fletcher Ct
62Flightlock Rd
63Fonda Rd
64Fulton St
65Gadwall Dr
66Garnet Ct
67Garrett Dr
68Grace St
69Guardian Ct
70Halfmoon Dr
71Harrison St
72Harvest Way
73Higgins Rd
74Hillview Ave
75Hillview Terrace
76Hogan Ln
77Hutchinson Ln
78Industry Dr
79King St
80 Knickerbocker Ln
81Knox St
82Lansing Ln
83Lea Ave
84Ledger Ave
85Lighthouse Dr
86Linda Ln
87Lock 1 Rd
88Mallards Landing N
89Mallards Landing S
90Marie Dr
91Mark Mall
92Mates Way
93Mercer St
94Merry Hill Ln
95Michaud Ave
96Middle St
97Middletown Rd
98Midway Ct
99Mockingbird Ct
100Mohawk Ave
101Mohawkview Ave
102Mohican Way
103Morgan Ln
104Mountainview Dr
105Murray Ave
106Murray Hill Ln
107Murray St
108Museum Ln
109Myrtle Ln
110O'connor St
111Orchard Ln
112Oregon Trail
113Packetboat Ct
114Paddlewheel Ct
115Parker Ln
116Partridge Ln
117Pheasant Run
118Pine Park Terrace
119Pineview Ct
120Pintail Pl
121Redcliff Row
122Riberty Ln
123Ridgeview Ave
124Riverboat Ln
125Roberts Rd
126Robin Ln
127Sage Rd
128Shear Ct
129Short 6th St
130Short 8th St
131Sidney Ave
132Silo Dr
133Sprucewood Ct
134Stage Run
135Starboard Ct
136Steamboat Landing
137Steenburgh Ave
138Stone Quarry Rd
139Suncrest Dr
140Sunset Blvd
141Terri Ave
142Timber Dr
143Towpath Ln
144Valley View Ave
145Van Ness St
146Van Schoonhoven Square
147Vanderwerken Ave
148Vespar Ct
149Victor Dr
150Vista Ct
151Washington Ave
152Weaver Ave
153Widgeon Way
154Wood Duck Pl
155Woodlot Ct