List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Watervliet, New York

#Street Name
110th Ave
210th St
311th Ave
411th St
512th Ave
612th St
713th St
814th St
915th St
1016th St
1118th St
1220th St
1321st St
1422nd St
1523rd St
1624th St
1725th St
1826th St
1927th St
206th Ave
217th Ave
228th Ave
239th Ave
24Alden St
25Alice Ave
26Andrea Ct
27Andrewsville Ct
28Archibald St
29Arnold Ln
30Ashington Ct
31Baker Rd
32Ball Pl
33Barker Ln
34Belleauwood Cir
35Benet St
36Boght Rd
37Bricker Ln
38Buffington St
39Buffington St
40 Callahan Ave
41Canal St
42Carondelet Dr
43Cedarview Ln
44Charterpoint Rd
45Corina Ct
46Cornsilk Rd
47Crabapple St
48Craig St
49Dalleba St
50Dalliba Ave
51Delaware Ct
52Early Dr
53Easy St
54Edgewater Ct
55Fielding Ln
56Gibson St
57Gillespie Rd
58Glen Ave
59Grenada Terrace
60Grotto Ct
61Guy Ln
62Hagner Rd
63Harvard Rd
65Hillside Dr
66Homewood Ave
67Horton Dr
68Howansky Dr
69Hudson Ct
70Idlewild Park
71Kirkner Ln
72Lansing Ave
73Lockwood Pl
74Mac Nutt Ln
75Manor Pl
76Marne St
77Maybury Dr
78Mettler Rd
79Misty Morning Ln
80 Mordecai Dr
81Old Farm Rd
82Parker Rd
83Ruth Ct
84Schull Rd
85Sharon Ct
86Solomon Ct
87Somme Ave
88Symington Ct
89Tail Feather Ct
90Tammy Ct
91Teasdale Ct
92Thimbleberry Ct
93Verdun St
94Vermont View Dr
95Wakefield Ln
96Westervelt Ave
97Whittemore Rd
98Windrose Way
99Wiswall Ave
100Woods Cross Rd
101Worth Rd