List of States

List of Street Names with maps in West Babylon, New York

#Street Name
110th St
211th Ave
311th St
412th Ave
512th St
613th Ave
713th St
814th Ave
914th St
1015th Ave
1115th St
1216th St
1317th St
1418th St
155th St
166th St
177th Ave
187th St
199th Ave
209th St
21A St
22Abbott St
23Alto St
24Amsterdam Ave
25Anchor Ct
26Andrea Pl
27Andrea St
28Angelica Ct
29Anita Ct
30Ardmore St
31Arizona Rd N
32Arizona Rd S
33Arnold Ave
34Arnold Ct
35Arthur Ave
36Athens Ct
37Auburn St
38Autumn Pl
39Bahama St
40 Bailey St
41Barclay St
42Barnum St
43Baur St
44Bay Pl
45Bay Point Ct
46Baywood St
47Beechmont Ave
48Belmont Ave
49Belmont Ave S
50Bergen Ave
51Berkshire Rd
52Bermuda Rd
53Bishop Rd
54Blanchard St
55Board Pl
56Bond St
57Brookvale Ave
58Broome St
59Bruce St
60Bunnell Pl
61Carlton Rd
62Cassata Ct
63Cedarwood Rd
64Centerwood St
65Chance Pl
66Chelsea Ave
67Cheltenham Rd
68Cherwal St
69Cindy Dr
70Citrus St
71Claire Ct
72Claremont Ave
73Clark St
74Colonial Rd
75Columbus Ave
76Commander Ave
77Commissioner's Rd
78Commodore Ln
79Cone St
80 Cord Ave
81Cord Pl
82Cord St
83Cortland St
84County Road 107
85County Road 96
86Crocus Ct
87Curcio Ct
88Current St
89Cutter Pl
90Deauville Pkwy
91Delano Pl
92Delaware Rd
93E Lake Pl
94E Neck Ct
95Ecker Ave
96Edel Ave
97Edison Ave
98Elbert Rd
99Elmwood Rd
100Emmett Ct
101Empire Ave
102Evergreen St
103Eyre Pl
104Falmouth Rd
105Farmingdale Rd
106Farragut Ave
107Farragut Rd
108Fern Terrace
109Flanders Pl
110Fleet Ln
111Fleets Point Dr
112Flurry Ln
113Forest Ave
114Forman St
115Frankford Rd
116Fulton Pl
117Genoa St
118Giasi Ct
119Glendale Rd
120Golding Ave
121Governor Ave
122Granada Pkwy
123Grant Pl
124Great East Neck Rd
125Grey Pl
126Guildford Park Dr
127Guilford Park Dr
128Hamlin Ave
129Hampton Rd
130Harding Ave
131Harrison Ave W
132Hilltop Ave
133Hope St
134Hubbards Path
135Ireland Pl
136Jacqueline Ct
137Jerome Ave
138Jessica Ct
139Junction St
140Justice St
141Kahn Ln
142Karen St
143Kenyon Ave
144Ketridge St
145Lafayette Rd
146Lakeway Dr
147Lamberta Ct
148Lamont Pl
149Laramie Rd
150Larsen Ln
151Learner St
152Lewis Ave
153Lexington Ave
154Lido Pkwy
155Lime Ct
156Linton Ave
157Linton Ct
158Lodge Pl
159Lucerne Dr
160Lyn Pl
161Madaling Ln
162Madeline Ln
163Magaw Pl
164Manhattan Ave
165Marcy St
166Marilyn Ct
167Marine Ln
168Marion Ct
169Market Pl
170Marobi Ct
171Mathews Ave
172Mckinley Ave
173Mida Ct
174Milligan Rd
175Mitchell Ave W
176Molle St
177Monarch Ave
178Montgomery Ave
179Mt Pl
180Mt Vernon Pl
181Muncie Rd
182Muncy Ave
183N Parkway Dr
184Neptune Ave
185Nevada Rd
186Newkirt Ave
187Nicole Pl
188Nill St
189Nims Ave
190Old Farmingdale Rd
191Oregon Rd N
192Oregon Rd S
193Oswego Pl
194Outlook Ave
195Parker Pl
196Perry Pl
197Petersen Ct
198Phillips Walk
199Phoenix Rd
200Pioneer Pl
201Pitcher St
202Platt Ave
203Plymouth St
204Pratt St
205Prescott Pl
206President Pl
207Prime St
208Puritian Pl
209Quaker Ct
210Quarter St
211Quentin St
212Raider St
213Ramponto S S Pkwy
214Raynor St
215Reef Ct
216Reid St
217Remsen Pl
218Reno Pl
219Riviera Pkwy
220Rockland Ave
221Rockland St
222Rogers Ct
223Roland Rd
224Rosella Ct
225Rosella Pl
226Rowland Pl
227Rutgers Rd
228S Jerome Ave
229S Parkway Dr
230Salem Ave
231Sampson Pl
232Santapogue Ct
233Santapogue Pl
234Sawyer Ave
235Schley Ave
236Seward St
237Sexton Rd
238Sheffield Ave
239Shelton St
240Shore Pl
241Silver St
242Snow Ave
243Southard Ave
244Spring Pl
245Spruce Pl
246Sprucewood Rd
247St James Ct
248St Johns Pl
249Star Pl
250Starbuck Ct
251Starlight Ct
252Strand Pl
253Sword St
254Taft Pl
255Teddy Pl
256Tedel Ct
257Terrace Ave
258Throop St
259Tooker Ave
260Trinity St
261Troy Ave
262Ulster Ave
263Venetian Blvd
264Vermont Ave
265Verona Pkwy
266Vince Rd
267Walker St
268Waltie Ct
269Watson Ave
270Weber Ave
271Westchester Ave
272Westchester Ave N
273Westminster Ave
274Whitson St
275Windmill Ave
276Woodbridge Ct
277Worden Pl
278Wright St
279Wyona Ave
280Yates St
281York Pl
282Young St
283Zack St