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List of Street Names with maps in Carmen, Oklahoma

#Street Name
110th St
28th St
39th St
4A St
5B St
6Birch St
7Carter Rd
8Carter Road
9Cedar St
10Central St
11Cherry St
12Choctaw Rd
13Cleveland Rd
14E Chestnut St
15E Main St
16E Maple St
17E0240 Rd
18E0274 Rd
19E0280 Rd
20E0290 Rd
21E0293 Rd
22E0322 Rd
23E0323 Rd
24Holly St
25Linden St
26Locust St
27N 3rd St
28N2440 Rd
29N2450 Rd
30N2527 Rd
31N2553 Rd
32N2555 Rd
33Oak St
34Pine St
35S 6th St
36S D St
37S E St
38Vine St
39W Chestnut St
40 Walnut St