List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Keota, Oklahoma

#Street Name
110th St
2151st St
31st St
45th St
56th St
68th St
79th St
8Burton Ave
9County Road 1190
10County Road 1200
11County Road 1220
12County Road 1240
13County Road 1264
14County Road 4580
15County Road 45a
16County Road 55a
17County Road 60
18County Road 60a
19County Road 60c
20County Road D1264
21County Road E1170
22County Road N4610
23County Road N4610
24County Road N4620
25D1150 Rd
26D1167 Rd
27D1171 Rd
28D1176 Rd
29D1248 Rd
30D1275 Rd
31D4515 Rd
32D4520 Rd
33D4525 Rd
34D4550 Rd
35D4613 Rd
36E County Road 1160
37E County Road 1180
38E County Road 1192
39E County Road 1195
40 E County Road 1230
41E County Road 1232
42E Creek 1150
43E Old 9 Rd
44E1164 Rd
45E1168 Rd
46E1174 Rd
47E1176 Rd
48E1180 Rd
49E1190 Rd
50E1200 Rd
51E1213 Rd
52E1220 Rd
53E1245 Rd
54E1248 Rd
55E1250 Rd
56E1264 Rd
57E1265 Rd
58E1275 Rd
59Forest Ave
60Franklin Ave
61Franklin Ct
62Grand Ave
63Grand Ct
64Hwy 26
65Keese Ave
66Lincoln Ave
67Midland Ave
68N 45 Rd
69N County Road 4540
70N County Road 4553
71N County Road 4560
72N4500 Rd
73N4530 Rd
74N4540 Rd
75N4542 Rd
76N4545 Rd
77N4550 Rd
78N4554 Rd
79N4565 Rd
80 N4570 Rd
81N4575 Rd
82N4580 Rd
83N4588 Rd
84N4592 Rd
85N4595 Rd
86N4598 Rd
87N4600 Rd
88N4605 Rd
89Old State Highway 9
90Saturn Ave
91Stockton Ave
92Venus Ave