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List of Street Names with maps in Roosevelt, Oklahoma

#Street Name
1Bromide St
2Clark St
3D1529 Rd
4Dunn St
5E Cashion St
6E Hamilton St
7E Houston St
8E Pollock St
9E Tiffany St
10E1440 Rd
11E1480 Rd
12E1484 Rd
13E1490 Rd
14E1495 Rd
15E1500 Rd
16E1510 Rd
17E1520 Rd
18E1528 Rd
19E1530 Rd
20E1535 Rd
21Hwy 19
22Hwy 54
23N2170 Rd
24N2200 Rd
25N2210 Rd
26N2223 Rd
27N2225 Rd
28N2227 Rd
29N2280 Rd
30N2300 Rd
31N2320 Rd
32North St
33Peckham St
34S Main St
35W Cashion St
36W Hamilton St
37W Houston St
38W Pollock St
39W Tiffany St
40 Wichita St
41Wood St