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List of Street Names with maps in Taloga, Oklahoma

#Street Name
1Cambell St
2Cheney St
3College St
4Collier St
5D0275 Rd
6D0692 Rd
7D0765 Rd
8D2239 Rd
9Duckett St
10E Noble Ave
11E Parnell St
12E0640 Rd
13E0650 Rd
14E0665 Rd
15E0670 Rd
16E0675 Rd
17E0685 Rd
18E0690 Rd
19E0710 Rd
20E0770 Rd
21E1781 Rd
22Francis St
23Hamar St
24Hickok St
25N2170 Rd
26N2210 Rd
27N2260 Rd
28N2270 Rd
29N2280 Rd
30N2290 Rd
31N2300 Rd
32Parnell St
33Primrose Ave
34Riggs Ave
35Ruble Ave
36School St
37Sexton St
38Shultice Ave
39Stidham St
40 U.s. 183
41Wesley St