List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Altoona, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
110th Ave
210th St
311th Ave
411th St
511th St Juniata
612th Ave
712th St
813th Ave
913th Ave Alley
1013th St
1114 1/2 St
1214th Alley
1314th Ave
1414th St
1514th Street Juniata
1615th Ave
1715th St
1816th Ave
1917th Ave
2017th St
2118 1/2 St
2218th Ave
2318th St
2419th Ave
2519th St
261st Street
2720th Ave
2820th St
2921st Ave
3021st St
3122nd Ave
3222nd St
3323rd Ave
3423rd St
3524 1/2 St
3624th Ave
3724th St
3825th Ave
3925th St
40 26th Ave
4126th St
4227th Ave
4327th St
4428th Ave
4528th St
4629th Ave
4729th St
482nd Street
4930th Ave
5030th St
5131st St
5232nd St
5333rd St
5435th St
5536th St
5637th St
5738th St
5840th St
5941st St
6042nd St
6143rd St
6244th St
6345th St
6448th St
6549th St
664th Ave
6750th St
6851st St
6952nd St
7053rd St
7154th St
7255th St
7356th St
7457th St
7558th St
7659th St
775th Ave
7862nd Street
797th Ave
80 7th Ave Juniata
817th St
827th St Juniata
838th Ave
848th St Bridge
858th St Lakemont
869th Ave
87Aberdeen St
88Access Rd
89Albert Dr
90Aldrich Ave
91Allegheny Ave
92Alpine Dr
93Alta Ave
94Angus Ln
95Annapolis Dr
96Arlaryd St
97Ash St
98Avondale Ave
99Baker Blvd
100Baker Ct
101Baker Ln
102Balder St
103Baltzell Ave
104Baynton Ave
105Beale Ave
106Beaumont Dr
107Beech Ave
108Bell Ave
109Bellview St
110Bellwood Ave
111Beverly Blvd
112Beverly Dr
113Birch Tree Ln
114Blaine Ave
115Bloom Rd
116Boyce Ave
117Bridge St
118Broad Ave
120Browning Ave
121Brush Mountain Rd
122Brush Oaks Dr
123Bryant Ave
124Bucknell Ln
125Burns Avenue
126Byron Ave
127Calder St
128California Avenue
129Campbell Ave
130Campus View Dr
131Canterberry Dr
132Carl Ave
133Caroline Ave
134Castle Farms Rd
135Cathedral Square
136Cayuga Ave
137Cemetery Rd
138Chapel Dr
139Charles Pl
140Chartiers St
141Cherry Ave
142Cherry Grove
143Chestnut Ave
144Chestut Ave
145Circle Ave
146Circle Avenue
147Clapper Rd
148Claybrooke Dr
149Cleveland Ave
150Colclesser Ave
151Coleridge Ave
152College Heights Dr
153College Park Dr
154Columbia Dr
155Cornell Ln
156Cortland Ave
157Creekside Dr
158Crescent Rd
159Cricket Club Ln
160Crosswinds Court
161Crosswinds Ct
162Curtis St
163Dewey St
164Dixie Ln
165Dove Ave
166Duff Dr
167Duke Rd
168Dysart Ave
169E 1st Ave
170E 21st Ave
171E 22nd Ave
172E 23rd Ave
173E 24th Ave
174E 25th Ave
175E 26th Ave
176E 27th Ave
177E 2nd Ave
178E 3rd Ave
179E 4th Ave
180E 5th Ave
181E 6th Ave
182E Alta Ave
183E Altoona Ave
184E Atlantic Ave
185E Beech Ct
186E Bell Ave
187E Bellwood Ave
188E Blair Ave
189E Caroline Ave
190E Cherry Ave
191E Chestnut Ave
192E Crawford Ave
193E Fairview Ave
194E Grant Ave
195E Hamilton Ln
196E Hartzell Ave
197E Holmes Ave
198E Hudson Ave
199E Landis St
200E Laurel Dr
201E Logan Ave
202E Maple Ct
203E Milton Ave
204E Mosside Cir
205E Park Ave
206E Penn Ave
207E Pine Ave
208E Plank Rd
209E Pleasant Valley Blvd
210E Southey Ave
211E Spruce Ct
212E Temple Ln
213E Walnut Ave
214E Walton Ave
215E Ward Ave
216E Whittier Ave
217E Willow Ave
218E Wopsononock Ave
219East St
220Edinboro Dr
221Eldorado Ave
222Elm Spring Dr
223Emerson Ave
224Erin Dr
225Eveningtide Ave
226Evergreen Ct
227Fairway Dr
228Findley Ave
229Flagstone Ave
230Flagstone Avenue
231Flamingo Dr
232Focht St
233Fordham Cir
234Fort Roberdeau Ave
235Frost Ave
236Furnace Ave
237Gage Ave
238Garden St
239George Ave
240Gesser Ave
241Glass St
242Goods Ln
243Granada Way
244Grandview Ave
245Grandview Rd
246Grant Ave
247Grant St
248Greeley St
249Green Ave
250Greenway Dr
251Greenwood Rd
252Gwin Rd
253Halleck Pl
254Hamilton Ln
255Hamilton St
256Hanover Ln
257Harrison Ave
258Harvard Ln
259Hawk Eye Ln
260Hazel Ave
261Heather Ave
262Highland Park Ave
263Highland Pl
264Hileman St
265Hill St
266Hilltop Cir
267Homers Gap Rd
268Homewood Dr
269Hopewell Dr
270Horner Dr
271Horseshoe Dr
272Howard Ave
273Hudson Ave
274Imler St
275Indian Pl
276Indiana Dr
277Industrial Ave
278Irwin Dr
279Iup Ln
280Ivy Pl
281Ivyside Dr
282Ivyside Estates Ln
283Jackson Ave
284Jade Ave
285Jaguar Ave
286James Rd
287Jasmine Ave
288Jefferson Ave
289Juniata Gap Rd
290Juniata Gap Rd
291Juniata Ln
292Juniata St
293Kentucky Ave
294Kettle Rd
295Kettle St
296Keystone St
297Kiesel Ave
298Kissell Ave
299Kittanning Ln
300Lafayette Ln
301Lake Ave
302Lakemont Park Blvd
303Landis St
304Lark Ave
305Lasalle Ln
306Laughlin Cir
307Lecrone Rd
308Lee Ave
309Lehigh Ln
310Leslie Ave
311Lexington Ave
312Lincoln Manor
313Llloyd St
314Lloyd St
315Llyswen Ct
316Log Cabin Ct
317Logan Ave
318Logan Blvd
319Logan Pl
320Logan Valley Mall
321Longfellow Ave
322Lotz Ave
323Lowell Ave
324Lycoming Rd
325Lyndale Rd
326Lynndale Rd
327Lynwood Dr
328Lynwood Drive
329Mabel Pl
330Maine Dr
331Mansion Blvd
332Maple Ave
333Margaret Ave
334Maryland Ave
335Maryland Avenue
336Mcmahon Dr
337Meadow St
338Meadowlark Ave
339Mercer Ln
340Michelle Dr
341Middle Ave
342Mill Run
343Millville Rd
344Milton Ave
345Monroe Ave
346Montrose Ave
347Morningside Ave
348Mosser St
349N 10th Ave
350N 10th Ave Juniata
351N 10th St
352N 11th Ave
353N 11th Ave Juniata
354N 12th Ave
355N 12th St
356N 13th Ave
357N 14th Ave
358N 14th St
359N 15th Ave
360N 15th St
361N 16th Ave
362N 16th St
363N 17th Ave
364N 17th St
365N 18th St
366N 19th St
367N 20th St
368N 2nd St
369N 3rd Ave
370N 3rd St
371N 4th Ave
372N 4th St
373N 5th Ave
374N 5th St
375N 6th Ave
376N 6th St
377N 7th Ave
378N 7th St
379N 8th Ave
380N 8th St
381N 9th Ave
382N 9th St
383N Branch Ave
384N Hawthorne Dr
385N Logan Blvd
386N Logan Blvd Exd
387N Park Pl
388N Terrace Dr
389Neal Ave
390Necessity Dr
391New Mill Run Rd
392Norway Ave
393Oak Ave
394Oak Crescent Ln
395Oak Ln
396October Ln
397Ohio Ave
398Ohio Avenue
399Old 6th Avenue Rd
400Old Dominion Dr
401Old Pleasant Valley Rd
402Olde Dominion Dr
403Oliver St
404Olmes St
405Oneida Ave
406P R R Expy
407Park Blvd
408Park Forest Ln
409Park Pl
410Parkview Lane
411Parrish St
412Pearce St
413Pearl St
414Penn Ave
415Penn Cir Dr
416Penn Wood Dr
417Pennbrook St
418Pennsylvania St
419Pennway Ave
420Penny Ln
421Pierce St
422Pine Ave
423Pine View Ave
424Pitt Rd
425Plank Rd
426Plateau St
427Pleasant Valley Blvd
428Pleasant Valley Blvd
429Pleasant View Ave
430Poe Pl
431Polk Ave
432Ponderosa Dr
433Pope Ave
434Porta Rd
435Pottsgrove Rd
436Purdue Dr
437Quail Ave
438Race St
439Rebecca St
440Reid St
441Reo Ln
442Rhode Island Ave
443Rice Rd
444Robert Morris Ln
445Robin Ave
446Rosehill Dr
447Roselawn Ave
448Rosemont Pl
449Roswell St
450Rte 764
451Ruskin Dr
452Rutgers Ln
453S 10th Ave
454S 10th St
455S 12th St
456S 13th St
457S 14th St
458S 15th St
459S 16th St
460S 19th St
461S 1st St
462S 20th St
463S 22nd St
464S 24th St
465S 25th St
466S 26th St
467S 27th St
468S 3rd St
469S 4th St
470S 5th St
471S 6th St
472S 7th St
473S 8th St
474S 9th St
475S Beckman Dr
476S Carlisle Ln
477S Dartmouth Ln
478S East St
479S Fagan St
480S Hagerty St
481S Hawthorne Dr
482S Jaggard St
483S Kettle St
484S Lloyd St
485S Terrace Dr
486S Zajac Dr
487Sarah Dr
488Schoolhouse Ave
489Scott Ave
490Seneca Ave
491Shand Ave
492Sharon Ave
493Sharp Ave
494Sharrar Dr
495Shawnee Ave
496Shelley Ave
497Sheridan St
498Sherwood Rd
499Sierra Drive
500Skelp Mountain Rd
501Solar Ln
502Spring Run Dr
503Spruce Ave
505St Francis Ln
506State Route 4015
507State Route 971
508Stillwood St
509Sycamore St
512Tara Ln
513Taylor Ave
514Tennyson Ave
515Thornhill Ln
516Trevanian Ave
517Tyler Ave
518Union Ave
519Utah Rd
520Valley View
521Valley View Blvd
522Van Buren Ave
523W 10th Ave
524W 11th Ave
525W 12th Ave
526W 13th Ave
527W 14th Ave
528W 15th Ave
529W 6th Ave
530W 7th Ave
531W 8th Ave
532W 9th Ave
533W Albert Dr
534W Chestnut Ave
535W Holmes Ave
536W Pine Ave
537W Southey Ave
538W Walnut Ave
539W Whittier Ave
540Walnut Ave
541Walton Ave
542Ward Ave
543Washington Ave
544Waterloo Rd
545Webster St
546Wehnwood Rd
547West Avenue
548Westley Ave
549Westmont Rd
550Westpoint Cir
551Wharton Ave
552White Fox Rd
553Wicker St
554Willow Ave
555Wilson St
556Winding Knoll Rd
557Windrose Ave
558Winterberry St
559Wood Avenue
560Wopsononock Ave
561Wordsworth Ave
562Wren Ave
563Yale Ln