List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
1Addams Ct
2Airport Rd
3Alexander Dr
4Allegheny Street
5Arbor Bluff Dr
6Ardell Ln
7Armour St
8Axemann Rd
9Badger Ave
10Badger Ln
11Badger St
12Beaver Farm Ln
13Benner Ave
14Benner Pike
15Bishop St
16Brown Ave
17Buffalo Run Rd
18Burgundy Ln
19Burnham Pl
20Collins Ave
21Countryside Dr
22Cowdrick Alley
23Crawford Ln
24Crawford St
25Danielle Dr
26Decatur Ln
27Dell St
28Devils Elbow Rd
29Dublinwood Dr
30Dunlap St
31E Ardell Ln
32E Beaver St
33E Bishop St
34E Burnside St
35E Burrows St
36E Cherry Ln
37E Church Alley
38E Church Ln
39E College Ave
40 E Curtin St
41E High St
42E Howard St
43E Lamb St
44E Linn St
45E Logan Ln
46E Logan St
47E Pike St
48Fairview St
49Forest Ave
50Forge Rd
51Fox Meadow Cir
52Governors Park Rd
53Green St
54Hale Alley
55Halfmoon St
56Hamilton St
57Haupt Ave
58Hazel St
59Hepburn St
60Hickory Ln
61High Tech Rd
62Hill St
63Hubler Ridge Rd
64Hughes St
65Humes Rd
66Iddings St
67Jennifer Cir
68Joanna Dr
69John Miller Ln
70Kenlee Dr
71Laura Ln
72Lewis St
73Limestone Dr
74Logan Ln
75Manchester St
76Morning Aire Ln
77N Allegheny St
78N Monroe St
79N Parkview Blvd
80 N Penn St
81N Potter St
82N Ridge St
83N School St
84N Spring St
85N Thomas St
86N Wilson St
87Park Pl
88Parkview Dr
89Parkwood Dr
90Parson Alley
91Perry Ln
92Phoenix Ave
93Pine Cir
94Quartz Dr
95Raymonds Ln
96Reynolds Ave
97Ridge St
98Ringneck Dr
99Ripka Ln
100Rishel Hill Rd
101Robin Rd
102Rolling Ridge Dr
103Rte 144
104Rte 26
105Rte 550
106Rte 64
107Runville Rd
108S Monroe St
109S Parkview Blvd
110S Penn St
111S Potter St
112S Ridge St
113S School St
114S Spring St
115S Thomas St
116S Water St
117S Wilson St
118Scenic Ln
119Scenic St
120Scott Ave
121Seibert Rd
122Sherwood Ct
123Shoemaker Ave
124Shope St
125Shugert Ln
126Simpson St
127Slaughter House Rd
128State Route 3006
129Steeple Chase Dr
130Stonecrest Dr
131Stony Batter
132Summit Dr
133Sunnyside Blvd
134Sylvan Cir
138Tanney St
139Tenner League N Rd
140Triangle Rd
141Twin Cedars Ln
142Union Rd
143Upper Coleville Rd
144Valentine St
145Valley View Rd
146W 5th Ave
147W Beaver St
148W Bishop St
149W Burrows St
150W Church Ln
151W Curtin St
152W Howard St
153W Lamb St
154W Linn St
155W Logan St
156W Pike St
157W Water St
158Wellfield Dr
159Willowbank St
160Wilson St
161Wiltshire Dr
162Wood St