List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Carbondale, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
110th Ave
211th Ave
341st St
442nd St
543rd St
644th St
748th St
86th Ave
97th Ave
108th Ave
119th Ave
12Apple Ave
13Atlas St
14Baker Alley
15Barrett Ave
16Battle Ave
17Beaver St
18Belmont St
19Bethel Ct
20Birch Ave
21Birkett St
22Brennan Ct
23Brennan St
24Bridge Ct
25Bronson Ct
26Brooklyn St
27Brown St
28Cameron St
29Campman Pl
30Canaan St
31Carey Ave
32Cherry Ave
33Chestnut Ave
34Cleveland Ave
35Clidco Dr
36Columbia Heights
37Coolidge Ave
38Copeland Ave
39Cortland St
40 Cottage St
41Cranberry Ave
42Crawford Ave
43Crystal Lake Rd
44Crystal Park Blvd
45Culm Rd
46Darte Ave
47Dewitt Ave
48Dixon Ave
49Drummond Ave
50Duffy St
51Dundaff St
52E Garfield Ave
53E Garfield St
54Eastern Ave
55Electric Alley
56Enterprise Dr
57Erie St
58Fairlawn Ave
59Fallbrook St
60Farview St
61Fern Ave
62Fernie Ln
63Firetower Dr
64Fleetwood Rd
65Florence Ct
66Fluellen Ave
67Foster Pl
68Fox St
69Frank St
70Froble St
71Fulton St
72Green St
73Grochdwski St
74Grove St
75Hammond Ave
76Harlem Ave
77Hart Pl
78Havana St
79Healey Hill Rd
80 Hendrick Ln
81Hickory Rd
82Highland Park
83Holly Ave
84Honesdale Rd
85Howard Ave
86Jefferson St
87Jeffrey St
88Kearn Ave
89Klimash Dr
90Kohut Ave
91Kristen Ln
92Lackawanna Valley Ind Hwy
93Lathrope Ave
94Lily Lake Ln
95Lincoln Ave
96Linda Ln
97Lorenson Pl
98Lower Powderly St
99Lunny Ct
100Mancuso Dr
101Manila Ave
102Mannion Ave
103Maple Dr
104Mccabe Ave
105Mcintosh Dr
106Meredith St
107Meredith St
108Mitchell Ave
109Monarch Dr
110Morgan Dr
111Morgan Pl
112Morris Pl
113Morrison Terrace
114Morse Ave
115Murphy St
116N Church St
117N Scott St
118Number 7 Rd
119Old Baker Rd
120Old Gravity Rd
121Old Orchard Rd
122Owego St
123Parish Ct
124Park Pl
125Park St
126Parnell St
127Pearl St
128Peck Ave
129Phoenix Ave
130Pike St
131Pleasant Ct
132Plum Ave
133Plume Ave
134Porter Ave
135Prospect St
136Rear Battle
137Rear Belmont St
138Rear Cleary Ave
139Rear Gordon Ave
140Rear Orchard St
141Rear Powderly St
142Reservoir St
143Reynshanhurst St
144Richmond St
145Robinson Ave
146Rogers St
147Roosevelt Hwy
148Rte 106
149Russell Pl
150Russell St
151S Church St
152S Robinson Ave
153Sage Ct
154Sago Ave
155Salem Ave
156Salem Mountain Rd
157Shamrock Ave
158Shamrock St
159Sherman Ave
160Shust Rd
161Shust Rd
162Snyder Rd
163Spencer St
164Spring St
167State Route 1005
168State Route 1007
169Stone Dr
170Summit Pl
172Sunset Ave
173Surace Dr
177Taft Ave
178Terrace St
179Thorn St
180Trinity Pl
181Tuttle St
182Upper Powderly St
183Villa St
184Von Bergen Alley
185Wagner Blvd
186Walker Ave
187Wallace Rd
188Washington Pl
189Washington St
190Wayne St
191Weir Ct
192West Ave
193Westgate Dr
194Westside Dr
195Williams Ave
196Wyoming Ave