List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Centerville, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
1Alicia Ave
3Armstrong Rd
4Ash St Exd
5Barneys Run Rd
6Bay St
7Bement Ln
8Binns Rd
9Bracken Way
10Brenton St
11Brimstone St
12Britton Run Rd
13Cemetary St
14Centerville Ln
15Centerville Rd
16Cherry Alley
17Conti Rd
18Dague Rd
19Dawson Rd
20Deangelo Ln
21Denbo Ave
22Diamond Ave
23Dorsey Ave
24Driftwood Rd
25East End Rd
26Emery Rd
27Erie St
29Fishpot Rd
30Fishpot Run Dr
31Franklin Dr
32Garland St
33Gillis Rd
34Gilson St
35Greene Dr
36Grimes Ave
37Hancock Rd
38Heyward Dr
39Horton Rd
40 Howard Ave
41Hwy 77
42Indian Rock Dr
43Jamie St
44Jane Ave
45Jefferson Pike Rd
46Kelsey Rd
47Knob St
48Leboeuf Trail Rd
49Lindella Dr
50Linton Rd
51Low Hill Rd
52Lower Sprind Rd
53Lower Spring Ln
54Lynn Dr
55Maple Glenn Rd
56Messer Ln
57Mystic Park Rd
58National Ave
59New Hill Rd
61Nobles Rd
62Old Grade Rd
63Pfiel St
64Pikeview Dr
65Post Ridge Rd
66Prichard Ave
67Prichard St
68Prospect Alley
69Reliance Ave
70Ricciuti Ln
71Richey Ave
72Richeyville Rd
73Rita Dr
74Rosefield St
75Rosenburg Rd
76Roxy St
77Rte 77
78Rte 8
79Sandy Ln
80 Scenery Dr
81School Alley
82Sparta St
83State Road 1022
84State Route 1007
85State Route 1011
86State Route 1020
87State Route 1024
88State Route 1037
89State Route 1041
90State Route 2021
91Station Rd
92Steadman Rd
93Steuben St
94Stewart Rd
95Suzy Ln
101Tate Rd
102Taylor Stand Rd
103Tours End Dr
104Tryonville St
105Upper Spring Ln
106Vesta 7 Rd
107Vesta Ave
108Vesta Ln
109Vesta St
110Walker Ave
111Watkins Rd
112Welch Hill Rd
113Willock Rd
114Winton St
115Wood Ave