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List of Street Names with maps in Clymer, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
12 Lick Hill Rd
2Adams St
3Barr Rd
4Barr Slope Rd
5Beachwood Pl
6Beech Ave
7Beech St
8Birch St
9Boardman Rd
10Boulio Rd
11Brocious Rd
12Buck Run Rd
13Burrell Rd
14Chestnut Ave
15Church Hill Rd
16Clymer Rd
17Coe Ave
18Cummings Rd
19Cypress Ave
20Darwin Rd
21Diamondville Rd
22Dixon Rd
23Douglas Rd
24Eagle Dr
25Earl Rd
26Echman Rd
27Eldridge Rd
28Elk Rd
29Elm Ave
30Engle Rd
31Franklin St
32Gerry St
33Grimes Hill Rd
34Hancock St
35Heeler Hill Ln
36Hickory Ave
37Hines St
38Hurd Rd
39Juniper Ave
40 King Rd
41Larch Ave
42Laurel Run Rd
43Lee St
44Leonard Rd
45Locust St
46Lombard Ave
47Mixtown Rd
48Morris St
49Mountain View Rd
50New Horizons Dr
51O'neill Rd
52Oak Ave
53Overman Rd
54Owens Rd
55Patterson Rd
56Peach Ave
57Penn St
58Pine Flats Rd
59Pump Station Rd
60Pumpstation Hill Rd
61Quince Rd
62Railroad Ave
63Raspberry Rd
64Rodney St
65Rte 553
66Sage St
67School Rd
68Schoonover Rd
69Scott Rd
70Sherman St
71Simmons Rd
72Smith St
73Snay Rd
74Sokoly Rd
75Spruce Ave
76Spruce Grove Rd
79State Route 1014
80 State Route 1057
81Stiles Rd
82Swamp Rd
90Township Road 331
91Trimmer Rd
92Trimmerwoods Rd
93Tulip Ave
94Turner Rd
95Tw 331
96Twenty-four Rd
97Walcott St
98Walnut Ave
99Watkins Rd
100Wilson St
101Woodcock Rd