List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Ephrata, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
1Academy Heights Ave
2Acorn Alley
3Akron Rd
4Alcott St
5Alexander Dr
6Allen Rd
7Arch Alley
8Ashland Ave
9Ba-ru-be Alley
10Bethany Rd
11Black Diamond Rd
12Blackberry Dr
13Blackberry Ln
14Blossom Ave
15Boomerang Dr
16Brian Dr
17Briarcross Dr
18Briarhill Ln
19Briarwood Ln
20Brickyard Cir
21Bridge Alley
22Bridle Path
23Brook Cir
24Brookfield Dr
25Brookwood Estates Mobile Home Park
26Brossman Rd
27Buch Alley
28Buch Rd
29Buchanan Dr
30Burky Ln
31Butternut St
32Camp Rodgers Rd
33Carpenter Alley
34Carriage Ln
35Cats Back Rd
36Cedar Ave
37Chapel Ln
38Church Alley
39Church Ave
40 Cider Mill Rd
41Cindia Ln
42Circle Dr
43Circle Rock Dr
44Clay School Rd
45Cloister Ave
46Cloverbrook Dr
47Cloverleaf St
48Cocalico Creek Mobile Home Park
49Cocalico Creek Rd
50Cocalico St
51Community Ln
52Conestoga Alley
53Coolidge Dr
54Cornerstone Way
55Creek Ln
56Crooked Ln
57Crystal Ave
58Dane Dr
59Dawn Ave
60Deanne Cir
61Delray Dr
62Diamond Station Rd
63Diller Alley
64Dole Rd
65Durlach Hill Rd
66Durlach Rd
67Dutchland Ave
68E Burkholder Dr
69E Farmersville Rd
70E Metzler Rd
71E Mt Airy Rd
72E Trout Run Rd
73Eastbrooke Dr
74Eastgate Village Mobile Home Park
75Elser Dr
76Emerald St
77Eshelman Alley
78Fairmount Rd
79Farmers Ln
80 Fieldcrest Ln
81Flaxen Ln
82Flintstone Rd
83Foggy Bottom Rd
84Forget Me Not Dr
85Forry Dr
86Frys Rd
87Frysville Rd
88Galen Alley
89Garden Dr
90Garden Spot Rd
91Garfield Dr
92Garrett Cir
93Gentleness Dr
94Gerhart Ave
95Gery Ct
96Glen Ct
97Glennwood Trailer Park
98Glenwood Dr
99Goldin Cir
100Grandview Dr
101Grape Alley
102Grebill Ct
103Green Lawn Dr
104Greenwood Cir
105Gregg Cir
106Groff Alley
107Groffdale Church Rd
108Groffs Dr
109Gross Alley
110Gross St
111Hahnstown Rd
112Hammon Ave
113Hawk Ln
114Hazel Alley
115Hazelwood Cir
116Heatherwood Dr
117Henbird Dr
118Henn Ave
119Hess Alley
120Hess Cir
121High Rd
122Hilldale Dr
123Hoover Dr
124Hospital Dr
125Huber Alley
126Hummer Rd
127Hunter Alley
128Hurst Dr
129Hurst Rd
130Indiantown Rd
131Industrial Dr
132Irene Ave
133Ivy Ln
134James Ave
135Jeff Ave
136Jennifer Ln
137Joann Ave
138Johnson Alley
139Joshua Ln
140Julia Rd
141Julie Ann Ct
142Justin Cir
143Kachel Alley
144Kathi Ave
145Kennedy Dr
146Kimberly Ln
147Kurtz Rd
148Lancaster Ave
149Larkspur Ln
150Lauren Ln
151Lee Alley
152Leed Hill Rd
153Legion Alley
154Legion Ave
155Lincoln Alley
156Lincoln Gardens Rd
157Lincoln Heights Ave
158Linda Terrace
159Locust Bend Rd
160Log Cabin Rd
161Long Ave
162Lr 36030
163Madison Cir
164Maple Farms Rd
165Marie Ave
166Marilyn Ave
167Marion Terrace
168Market View Dr
169Marshall Alley
170Martin Ave
171Martindale Rd
172Martzall S Ct
173Mason Dr
174Meadow Valley Rd
175Mellinger Cir
176Mentzer Alley
177Messner Alley
178Michael Ct
179Miley Rd
180Miller Alley
181Millmans Ln
182Misty Ln
183Mohler S Church Rd
184Monroe Cir
185Mortar Ln
186Mountain St
187Moyer Alley
188Mt Airy Rd
189Murrell Mobile Home Park
190Museum Alley
191N Academy Dr
192N Charles St
193N Maple St
194Napierville Rd
195New Alley
196New Joy Dr
197Newswanger Rd
198Niss Ave
199Nissley Alley
200Oak Blvd
201Oaklawn Blvd
202Old Akron Rd
203Old Mill Rd
204Opal St
205Paget Dr
206Park Way
207Parkview Heights Rd
208Patience Ln
209Pavers Ln
210Peaceful Ln
211Peach Rd
212Perseverance Ln
213Pfautz Hill Rd
214Pine Alley
215Pleasantview Rd
216Plum Alley
217Pointview Ave
218Pool Rd
219Pyle Mobile Home Park
220Queen Annes Way
221Railroad Ave
222Reagan Dr
223Ream Alley
224Redwood Cir
225Rettew Mill Rd
226Ridge Ave
227Ridgeview Dr
228Ridgeway Ave
229Ridgewood Ave
230Ringneck Dr
231Riverview Dr
232Rock Rd
233Roosevelt Cir
234Rose Hill Rd
235Royer Rd
236Rupp Alley
237Russel Alley
238Russell Alley
239Russell Ct
240S Academy Dr
241S Charles St
242S Church Ave
243S Fairmount Rd
244S Line Rd
245S Maple St
246S Reading Rd
247Sand Ct
248Saw Mill Rd
249Schoeneck Rd
250School Ln Ave
251Sensenig Rd
252Sheaffer Alley
253Sheaffers School Rd
254Sherry Ct
255Showers Alley
256Slate Rd
257Snapper Dr
258Snyder Ln
259Sparrow Ln
260Spring Glen Dr
261Stephen Cir
262Stephen Ln
263Stevens Rd
264Stone Quarry Rd
265Stonecreek Ct
266Stoneridge Cir
267Stoneridge Dr
268Sugar Alley
269Summerlyn Dr
270Susan Cir
271Sycamore Rd
280Talon Dr
281Terrace Ave
282Tobacco Rd
283Tom Ave
284Trailer Ct Dr
285Tricia Ln
286Truman Dr
287Tuckson Ave
288Turtle Hill Rd
289Tyler Dr
290Valerie Ave
291Vista Cir
292W Farmersville Rd
293W Metzler Rd
294W Mohler Church Rd
295W Mohlers Church Rd
296W Pointe Ln
297W Trout Run Rd
298Wabash Rd
299Walnut Alley
300Walnut Dr
301Water Wheel Dr
302Weaver Ave
303Weidmansville Rd
304Weinhold Alley
305Wenger Dr
306Westpointe Dr
307Westpointe Ln
308Wheat Ridge Dr
309Willis Pierce Rd
310Winchester Ct
311Windsor Dr
312Wisteria Dr
313Wolf Cir
314Woodchuck Dr
315Woodlawn Ave
316Wyneberry Dr