List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Howard, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
1Baker St
2Bald Eagle Ave
3Beach Rd
4Birch Ave
5Black St
6Blueberry Ridge
7Bomboy Rd
8Brownson Ln
9Bullitt Run Rd
10Cantolina Ln
11Cherry Run Rd
12Cone St
13Confer Hollow Rd
14Confers Ln
15Crock Ln
16Dale Mountain Rd
17Dawn Dr
18Dowdy Hole Rd
19Dry Run Rd
20Fairview Rd
21Forge St
22Gates Mountain Rd
23Glenn St
24Gordon St
25Graden St
26Gravel Point Rd
27Greens Run Rd
28Heverly St
29Hillcrest St
30Hogan Ln
31Holters Crossing
32Howard Divide Rd
33Kato Orviston Rd
34Kenneth St
35Kenneth St Cir
36Kline Alley
37Knob Rd
38Leathers Camp Rd
39Little Marsh Creek Rd
40 Little Sugar Valley Rd
41Lower Greens Run Rd
42Lynn Ln
43Main Park Rd
44Maintenance Rd
45Marina Rd
46Marsh Creek Rd
47Mcclain Rogers Rd
48Mill Ln
49Mill St Exd
50Monument Orviston Rd
51Mt Eagle Rd
52N Eagle Valley Rd
53Nittany Ridge Rd
54Nursery Rd
55Nyman Development Rd
56Old 220 Rd
57Old Route 220
58Park Rd
59Penland Ln
60Pepper Ledge Ln
61Reed Hollow Rd
62Reigh Hollow Ln
63Road Tr 441
64Rothrock St
65Round Hill Rd
66Rte 150
67Rustic Loop
68S Hollow Rd
69Sand Ridge Rd
70Saylor Hollow Rd
71Schencks Grove Dr
72Schwab Town Rd
73Shirlyn Dr
74Shirlyn Rd
75Skyline Dr
76Sledding Area Access Rd
77Spearing St
78Spearing St Exn
79State Route 1001
80 State Route 1002
81State Route 1006
82State Route 1010
83Sugar Camp Rd
84Swartz Hollow Rd
89Township Bldg Rd
90Tressler Ave
91Tressler Ln
92Upper Greens Run Rd
93Upper Pole Cat Rd
94Veterinary Ln
95Virginia St
96W Dowdy Hole Rd
97W Launch Rd
98Woomer Divide Rd