List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
1100 Pl
210th Ave
313th Pl
414th Pl
515th Pl
61st Pl
7300 Pl
83rd Ave
93rd Pl
10400 Pl
114th Pl
12500 Pl
135th Ave
145th Pl
15600 Pl
166th Pl
17700 Pl
187th Pl
19800 Pl
209th Ave
219th Pl
22Abbie Pl
23Academy St
24Adda Ln
25Adelman Pl
26Agnes Ave
27Airport Rd
28Akers St
29Albert Ave
30Alexander St
31Almira St
32Alwine Alley
33Alwine St
34Amherst Rd
35Anchovy Pl
36Anderson Ln
37Angle Ln
38Angler Pl
39Anstead Alley
40 Anthracite Alley
41Anthracite Pl
42Apodel Alley
43Apollo Alley
44Apple Alley
45Ash St
46Atlas Alley
47B St
48B St & C St
49Bacchus Alley
50Bantel St
51Barbel Alley
52Barclay St
53Barnett St
54Barney Alley
55Barnhart St
56Barron Ave
57Bass Ave
58Baumer St
59Baun Ln
60Baun Ln
61Bay St
62Baywood St
63Beatrice Ave
64Beatty Ave
65Beck Alley
66Beckley Ave
67Bedford St
68Beech Ave
69Bell Alley
70Bell Pl
71Bellevue St
72Belmont St
73Benshoff Hill Rd
74Benshoff St
75Berg St
76Berkley Rd
77Bheam Ave
78Billow Park Ln
79Birtle Rd
80 Bishop Pl
81Blackburn Rd
82Blaine St
83Blenny Alley
84Bloomfield St
85Blough Rd
86Blough St
87Boltz St
88Bond St
89Bossler St
90Bowser Ln
91Boyd Ave
92Boyer St
93Brahma Alley
94Brallier Pl
95Brazil Ln
96Bridge St
97Brier Ave
98Brinker Alley
99Brixner Alley
100Brixner Ave
101Broad St
102Broad St
103Brotz Pl
104Bruce St
105Brush Ave
106Buck Ave
107Budfield St
108Buhl Alley
109Burley St
110Butler Ave
111C St
112Cambria Pl
113Canal Pl
114Catbird Pl
115Catherine St
116Center Pl
117Centeur Alley
118Central Ave
119Central Ave
120Chandler Ave
121Chapin St
122Charles St
123Christopher St
124Chub Pl
125Church Ave
126Clapboard Run Rd
127Clark St
128Cleo Ave
129Clifford St
130Clinton St
131Clinton St
132Clover St
133Coal St
134Cobalt Alley
135Coconut Pl
136Collin St
137Commerce Ct
138Community College Way
139Confer Ave
140Connelly Ave
141Conrad Alley
142Conrad St
143Conway Ct
144Cook Alley
145Cook St
146Coon Ridge Rd
147Cooper Ave
148Cooper Pl
149Corinne St
150Cottage Pl
151Cover Alley
152Cover St
153Cresswood St
154Crest Ave
155Cronin Alley
156Cronin Ave
157Crouse Ave
158Crow Pl
159Ctc Dr
160Culin St
161Cuthbert Pl
162Cypress Ave
163D St
164D St Exd
165Dalton Run Rd
166Damian Dr
167Daniel St
168Dantie Pl
169David St
170Dawn Ln
171Decker Ave
172Delaware Ave
173Dellwood St
174Derby St
175Devine Alley
176Diana Ave
177Diana Pl
178Dibert St
179Dixon Ave
180Dodd Alley
181Dolphin Pl
182Donna Dr
183Doree Pl
184Dorothy Ave
185Dragon Alley
186Dravis St
187Dry Run St
188Duke Pl
189Dupont St
190Duwell St
191E Main St
192Ebensburg Rd
193Edbert Alley
194Edith Ave
195Edmonds Pl
196Edson Ave
197Eisenhower Blvd
198Elizabeth Ct
199Elknud Ln
200Elliot Alley
201Elton Rd
202Emery Alley
203Enterprise St
204Erato Alley
205Esther St
206Esty St
207Ethel St
208Euclid Ave
209Everett Ct
210Everhart St
211Evor Alley
212Fairfield Ave
213Family Ln
214Farrell Ave
215Faulkner Ct
216Feeder St
217Felspar Alley
218Felspar Pl
219Fender Ln
220Fenn Alley
221Fenn Pl
222Fern Pl
223Fernwood Dr
224Fifty Acre Rd
225Figg St
226Fillmore St
227Fleetwood St
228Flickes Pl
229Flinn St
230Flint Alley
231Flora Alley
232Florida Ave
233Florida Ave
234Flounder Pl
235Fogle Pl
236Forest Ave
237Foust St
238Fox Alley
239Francis Alley
240Frank St
241Franklin St
242Franklin St
243Frankstown Rd
244Frederick St
245Frew Pl
246Frick Ave
247Fritz St
248Fronheiser St
249Frosty Ln
250Fulmer Rd
251Fulton St
252Furlong Alley
253Furlong Pl
254Fye St
255G St
256Gail St
257Galena Alley
258Garden Alley
259Garfield St
260Garvey Pl
261Gates St
262Gautier St
263Gazebo Park
264Gerry Ln
265Gertrude Ct
266Gillen Pl
267Glenn St
268Glessner Rd
269Glitch Alley
270Golde St
271Good Alley
272Good St
273Goucher St
274Govier Ln
275Grady Alley
277Graining Pl
278Grambling St
279Grandinett St
280Grape Ave
281Grass Ave
282Gray Ave
283Graybill Pl
284Graywood St
285Greenwald Alley
286Greenwald Alley
287Gregg Ave
288Grening Ct
289Gull Pl
290Gunard Pl
291H St
292Haberlein Pl
293Hadock Pl
294Hagen St
295Hahn St
296Hale St
297Halite Pl
298Hammer Ave
299Hammond Alley
300Harold Ave
301Harrison St
302Harry Alley
303Harteis Ln
304Harteis Rd
305Harwood St
306Hattie Ave
307Haverford St
308Hawk Pl
309Hay Ave
310Haynes St
311Hershberger Rd
312Hickory St
313Hill Pl
314Hillcrest Ct
315Hillside Ct
316Hillside Trail
317Hinkston Run Rd
318Hipp St
319Hofecker Ln
320Hoffman Ave
321Hoffman Dr
322Holbay Dr
323Home Alley
324Homestead Rd
325Honan Ave
326Hope St
327Hopp Ave
328Hopwood St
329Horner St
330Horns Row
331Horrock St
332Horrocks St
333Hughes Pl
334Hunt Rd
335Hunt St
336Hunting Trail
337Hystone Ave
338I St
339Ihmsen Ave
340Ihmsen St
341Iolite Ave
342Iron St
343J St
344Jacob St
345Jacoby St
346Jaffe Alley
347Janet St
348Jasper Alley
349Jasper Pl
350Jean Ave
351Jet Pl
352Johns St
353Johnston St
354Johnstown Expy
355Jones Alley
356Joseph Ave
357Joy Ave
359K St
360Kaiser St
361Kathy Ct
362Keafer Hill Rd
363Kennedy Ave
364Kepple Rd
365Kernville Elevated Expy
366Killdeer Pl
367Killian Ave
368Killian St
369Kinglet Pl
370Kingston Alley
371Knipple Ave
372Korad Pl
373Krise Pl
374Kunkle Alley
375Kunkle St
376Kuntz Alley
377Kurtz Ave
378L St
379Langhorne Ave
380Larch Alley
381Lardin Alley
382Laurel Ave
383Lavely Alley
384Lawrence St
385Lear Alley
386Lee Pl
387Lehman Pl
388Lenhart St
389Leo Alley
390Leroy St
391Leslie Dr
392Leslie St
393Levergood St
394Ligonier Pike
395Lincoln St
396Linda Dr
397Lindsey Alley
398Linkville Rd
399Linton St
400Linwood Ave
401Lizzie Alley
402Lloyd Ct
403Louis St
404Lowman St
405Lucas Pl
406Lunen St
407Luray Ave
408Luzerne St Exd
409M St
410Mabel St
411Magnetite Alley
412Magpie Pl
413Malloy Pl
414Maplebrook Ln
415Marbury Ave
416Marion Pl
417Marlin St
418Marsh Ave
419Marshall Ave
420Mary Ann Ct
421Mary Grace Ln
422Maryland Ave
423Matthew St
424May St
425Mayer Ave
426Mc Cona St
427Mc Garry Alley
428Mccabe St
429Mccauley Ave
430Mccort Pl
431Mckee Ave
432Mckinley Ave
433Mcmillen St
434Meade St
435Melander St
436Menoher Blvd
437Mercury Alley
438Mercury Ave
439Meridian Ave
440Merle Alley
441Messenger St
442Meyer Ave
443Middle Taylor Rd
444Miles St
445Milford St
446Millard Ave
447Millcreek Rd
448Miller Alley
449Miller Ave
450Mine Pl
451Minno Dr
452Mitchell Ct
453Mizel Ln
454Moone Ave
455Moonshine Hollow Rd
456Morgan Pl
457Morley St
458Morrell Pl
459Mosholder St
460Mossy Ln
461Mountain Rd
462Mt Airy Dr
463Murdock St
464Myrtle Alley
465Mystic Ct
466N Sheridan St
467Nanko Alley
468Napoleon St
469Nathan Alley
470Naugle Dr
471Navin Alley
472Naylor Rd
473Nees Ave
474Nell Alley
475Neptune St
476Nettle Alley
477New St
478Noah Ave
479Noble Rd
480Northfork Rd
481Northwood Ave
482Norwal Alley
483Oakhurst Homes
484Oakridge Dr
485Ocala Ave
486Oconnor St
487Ohio St
488Old Farm Ln
489Old Rocky Rd
490Old Soap Hollow Rd
491Old Solomon Run St
492Old Somerset Pike
493Old State Hwy
494Old Tire Hill Rd
495Olim St
496Orange Ave
497Ore St
498Oregon Ave
499Oriole Pl
500Orlando St
501Orluk Alley
502Osborne St
503Osprey Pl
504Otto Ct
505Owens Rd
506Palliser St
507Palmer St
508Pamela Ln
509Park Dr
510Parkhill Dr
511Parrot Pl
512Paul St
513Peach Ave
514Pebbley St
515Peder Alley
516Peelor St
517Pender Rd
518Penrod St
519Peter St
520Peterson Dr
521Phoebe Ct
522Pike Pl
523Pilot Alley
524Pine Dr
525Piney Alley
526Plainfield Ave
527Pleasant View Dr
528Plitt Ct
529Plum St
530Plummer Alley
531Plymouth Ave
532Poplar St
533Porpoise Pl
534Potter Alley
535Power St
536Prospect St
537Prosser Hollow Rd
538Prosser St
539Pudliner Ln
540Purse Ave
541Quail Ave
542Queen Alley
543Queen Pl
544Ralph St
545Rambo St
546Ray Alley
547Ream Alley
548Rebecca Dr
549Red Alley
550Red Oak Ln
551Redstar Ct
552Reeder Ave
553Remora Alley
554Ridge Ave
555Ridgeway Dr
556Riley Pl
557Ringling Ave
558Ripple Ave
559Risher Bridge Rd
560River Ave
561Robb Ave
562Rockwell Avenue
563Roosevelt Blvd
564Rosa Ln
565Rose Alley
566Rose St
567Ross St
568Rowley Alley
569Roxbury Ave
570Roy Alley
571Rte 403
572Rte 56
573Rte 985
574Ruby St
575Russell Ave
576Ruth Ave
577Rutledge Alley
578Saintz St
579Sam St
580Samuel St
581Sarah Pl
582Satura Alley
583Sauers Ave
584Saylor St
585Scenic Ln
586Scott Ave
587Seese Dr
588Sell St
589Seminary Ln
590Shaffer Ln
591Shaffer St
592Shank Alley
593Sheridan St
594Sherman St
595Shersley Ave
596Short St
597Shryock Alley
598Singer Hill Rd
599Singer St
600Skelly St
601Skylark Pl
602Slick Alley
603Slick Ave
604Smith Pl
605Soap Hollow Rd
606Solomon Homes
607Solomon Run Bypass
608Solomon Run Rd
609Solomon St
610Somerset St
611South St
612Southmont Blvd
613Sparrow Pl
614Spickler Alley
615Spruce St
616St Clair Rd
617Stackhouse St
618State Route 4041
619State Route 756
620Statler Pl
621Steel St
622Stone St
623Stonycreek St
624Storey Ave
625Stormer Pl
626Stow Ln
627Strauss Pl
628Strayer Alley
629Strayer St
630Stutzman St
631Stuver Dr
632Sunberry St
633Sunday St
634Sunny Ct
635Suppes Ave
636Susquehanna St
637Swallow Pl
640Tamarack Ln
641Tamarino Alley
642Tanase Ct
643Teak St
644Tennessee Ave
645Terlyn Dr
646Theodore St
647Theresa Pl
648Thistle Pl
649Thomas Ave
650Thorn Pl
651Thrush Rd
652Tibbott Pl
653Tillman Ave
654Tire Hill Rd
655Titmouse Pl
656Towhee Pl
657Township Road 322
658Township Road 373
659Treasure Ln
660Trees Dr
661Tremont Rd
662Trent St
663Tripoli St
665Valley Pike
666Vaughn St
667Village St
668Vine St
669Violet St
670Virginia Ave
671Vivian Pl
672Vogel St
673Von Lunen Rd
674W Howard St
675W Osborne St
676Walnut St
677Walters Ave
678Warbler St
679Watson St
680Weber Rd
681Welsh Valley Dr
682Wertz Rd
683Wesley Alley
684Wess St
685Westgate Dr
686Wheat St
687Widman St
688Willett Pl
689William Penn Ave
690Wilshire Blvd
691Windsor Pl
692Wissinger Hollow Rd
693Wonder St
694Woodhaven Ln
695Woodland Ave
696Woodmont Rd
697Woodruff St
698Woodvale Ave
699Worth St
700Wynn St
701Yew Alley
702Yoder St
703Young St