List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Kutztown, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
1Adams Rd
2Albright Alley
3Apple Alley
4Ashley Ct
5Bachelor Rd
6Baldy Alley
7Baldy Rd
8Bastian Rd
9Bennicoff Rd
10Berger Rd
11Bieber Alley
12Bock Alley
13Boro Alley
14Bowers Rd
15Boy Scout Rd
16Boyer Alley
17Braund Rd
18Briar Cir N
19Briar Cir S
20Carriage Ct
21Cemetery Ln
22Clover Valley Rd
23College Blvd
24College Garden Dr
25Commerce Cir
26Commons Rd
27Constitution Blvd
28Crystal Cave Rd
29Crystal Ridge Rd
30Debra Dr
31Deisher Ln
32Dietrich Valley Rd
33Dunkeis Church Rd
34Dunkels Church Rd
35Dutch Mill Rd
36E Normal Ave
37E Walnut St
38Eagle Point Rd
39Eagle Rd
40 Ebling Rd
41Fair St
42Fenstermacher Rd
43Fisher Ln
44Fitzgerald Ln
45Foch St
46Foundry Alley
47Frey Alley
48Fritz Ct
49Frontier Rd
50Garman Rd
51Gehringer Dr
52Gensinger Rd
53Gilardone Rd
54Gilmore Rd
55Ginseng Alley
56Greene Hill Ct
57Greenwich St
58Grim Rd
59Grimley St
60Gun Club Rd
61Halls Rd
62Heffner Alley
63Helffrich Rd
64Hemlock Dr
65Herring Alley
66High Rd
67Highland Ave
68Hinterleiter Rd
69Hottenstein Rd
70Hummels Hill Rd
71Industrial Ave
72Ivy League Dr
73James Alley
74Jay Ln
75Kemp St
76Kempsville Rd
77Kerith Ln
78Kerith Pl
79Kerith Rd
80 Kern Rd
81Kern Rd
82Key Ct
83Keystone Ave
84Kistler Ct
85Knittle Rd
86Koffee Ln
87Kohler Rd
88Kramer Rd
89Krumsville Rd
90Kunkel Rd
91Kutz Mill Rd
92Kutztown Bypass Rd
93Lambert Alley
94Leiby Ln
95Lemon Alley
96Lenni St
97Linsol Rd
98Long Dam Rd
99Luckenbill Rd
100Luella Dr
101Lutz Rd
102Mertz Rd
103Midway Alley
104Mill Creek Rd
105Miller Alley
106Mohn Rd
107Moselem Church Rd
108Moyer Rd
109N Cedar St
110N Elm St
111N Kemp Rd
112N Kemp St
113N Whiteoak St
114Noble St
115Normal Ave
116Nunemaker Rd
117Orange Alley
118Packard Ct
119Palmer Ln
120Park Alley
121Parker Dr
122Pershing St
123Pink Valley Rd
124Quarry Rd
125Rahn Rd
126Rhoades Rd
127Rhoads Rd
128Rhodes Alley
129Roeller Alley
130Rte 100
131S Baldy St
132S Campus Dr - Kutztown University Of Pennsylvania
133S Kemp Rd
134S Laurel St
135S Maple St
136S Whiteoak St
137Sacony Alley
138Sander Alley
139Saucony Rd
140Schaeffer Alley
141Scherer Rd
142Schlegle Rd
143Schwoyer Rd
144Sechler Ct
145Seem Dr
146Sharadin Rd
147Short St
148Sieger Rd
149Siegfried Alley
150Siegfriedale Rd
151Silver Creek Rd
152Sittler Valley Rd
153Snowdrift Rd
154Sokol Dr
155State Route 1006
156State Route 1029
157Stimmel Alley
158Strausser Alley
159Stump Rd
160Sunday Rd
161Sunny Ridge Ct
162Sweet Corn Dr
165Tedway Ave
166Timothy Ct
167Topton Rd
168Trexler Ave
169Trout Alley
170Vine Alley
171Vine Ln
172Vista Acres Dr
173Vista Rd
174W Walnut St
175Walbert Rd
176Walnut Dr
177Wentz St
178Wert Rd
179Wessner Rd
180Wiltrout Rd
181Wynview Rd