List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Mansfield, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
11st St
22nd St
33rd St
44th St
57th St
68th St
79th St
8Ashley Hill Crossover Rd
9Ashley Hill Rd
10Barnes Dr
11Barnes Mountain Ln
12Benson Ave
13Besaneecy Dr
14Borg Rd
15Brooklyn Rd
16Brooklyn St
17Brooks Ln
18Brueilly Rd
19Bryant Rd
20Bungy Rd
21Campus View St
22Cherry Ridge Dr
23Clark St
24Clinton St
25Coles St
26College Ave
27College Pl
28Corey Creek Apartment
29Corey St
30Cummings Ln
31Day Rd
32Decker St
33Detweiller Rd
34Dorsett Dr
35Dorsett Heights
36E Elmira St
37E Mulberry Hill Rd
38Erway Rd
39Extension St
40 Garside St
41Gateway Dr
42Grand Army Of The Republic Hwy
43Hardscrabble Rd
44Harris Rd
45Hemlock Dr
46Hoard St
47Holden Pl
48Hollow Rd
49Hutheson Dr
50Jenkins Rd
51Kelleytown Rd
52Kingsley Rd
53Lambs Creek Rd
54Lutes Ave
55Mann Creek Heights Rd
56Mann St
57Morris Ave
58Morris Dr
59Mudge Rd
60Mulberry Hill Rd
61N Academy St
62N Bullock Rd
63N Elk Run Rd
64N Hill Terrace
65Nadalini Dr
66Newtown Hill Rd
67Novelty Pl
68Odell Rd
69Ore Bed Rd
70Orebed Rd
71Pinecrest Dr - Mansfield University Of Pennsylvania
72Pirate Dr
73Pitts Rd
74Prospect St
75Railroad St
76Rieppel St
77Ritz Rd
78Roseville Ave
79Ross St
80 Rte 549
81S Academy St
82S Stadium Dr - Mansfield University Of Pennsylvania
83Sassafrass St
84Shady Ln
85Shaw Rd
86Sherwood Manor
87Sherwood St
88Smith Rd
89Spencer Rd
90St James St
91Stadium Dr - Mansfield University Of Pennsylvania
92Starks Rd
93Straughn Dr
94Sullivan St
95Sumner Rd
96Susquehanna Trail
97Swan St
108Talbot Dr
109Tears Rd
110Tickner Ln
111Townview Dr
112Turkey Path - Mansfield University Of Pennsylvania
113University View
114Valley Rd
115Vosburg St
116W Elmira St
117Wakefield Terrace
118Westgate Rd
119Wilson Ave
120Wood Rd