List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Middletown, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
14th St
2Abel Pl
3Acorn Way
4Adelia St
5Adeline Pl
6Adobe Dr
7Agnus Jones Rd
8Ahrens Ln
9Aip Dr
10Airport Dr
11Alberts Way
12Alfred Jones Rd
13Algate Rd
14Allen St
15Alscot Ln
16Alwine Rd
17Anamosa Ln
18Andrew Dr
19Anglesey Cir
20Apple Ave
21Arbutus Ave
22Arch Ave
23Aspen Ave
24Aspen St
25Astor Ave
26Avenue D
27Avenue F
28Balls Ln
29Bangor Rd
30Banks Rd
31Barley Ct
32Barney Degman Hill Rd
33Barney Degman Rd
34Barren Rd
35Basil Rd
36Bayberry Rd
37Baylis Rd
38Beech Ave
39Beechwood Ave
40 Beechwood Bldg
41Beechwood Cir
42Beechwood Dr
43Bellaire Dr
44Bellflower Rd
45Bentley Ln
46Berkley Dr
47Bernick Dr
48Black Eyed Susan Rd
49Blackhorse Ln
50Blacklatch Ln
51Blue Flax Ln
52Bluebell Ave
53Bluebonnet Rd
54Boat Ave
55Bomont Rd
56Bonnie Blue Ln
57Bortondale Rd
58Bowers Ln
59Boxwood Ln
60Brader St
61Bradford Ave
62Branford Way
63Brendwood Dr
64Brentwood Ct
65Brentwood Dr
66Briarcliff Rd
67Briarcreek Ln
68Briarwood Ln
69Brick Mill St
70Bridle Dr
71Brinser Rd
72Brinton Ave
73Broadview Ave
74Bromley Way
75Brooke Ln
76Brown St
77Brunswick Rd
78Buchanan Dr
79Burd Rd
80 Burd St
81Burnt Church Ct
82Butler Dr
83Butter Churn Rd
84Butterworth Ln
85Buttonwood Dr
86Cambridge Dr
87Camp Corby Rd
88Candlewycke Dr
89Candytuft Ln
90Caravan Ct
91Carmen Ln
92Carmony Ave
93Carol Cir
94Carriage House Rd
95Carriage Knoll Ct
96Carter Ave
97Carter Republic Farms Rd
98Catalpa St
99Catch Penny Ln
100Cattel St
101Chaff Ct
102Cherrywood Ln
103Chew Rd
104Chilton Pl
105Chilton Rd
106Church Rd
107Citation Ln
108Claymont Ave
109Clear Creek Rd
110Clearfield Ave
111Clinton Ave
112Clover Cir
113Clover Dr
114Coach Rd
115Cola Rd
116Colby Dr
117Colfax St
118Colony Dr
119Commercial Ave
120Concord Pl
121Condon Rd
122Condran Dr
123Conewago St
124Consort Hill
125Constitution Dr
126Conway Dr
127Cook Rd
128Cool Valley Ln
129Coolidge St
130Corn Crib Ln
131Cornerstone Dr
132Corporate Dr E
133Corporate Dr W
134Costa Ct
135Cottonwood Bldg
136Country Ln
137Country Ln Cir
138County Line Rd
139Courtland Ave
140Coventry Ln
141Crestview Village
142Curley Rd
143Daisy Ave
144Danby Way
145Daos Ct
146Darrah St
147Dartmouth Cir
148Dauphin St
149Davis Dr
150Dawn Rd
151Dawson Rd
152Deatrich Ave
153Deer Dr
154Deer Run Rd
155Degnan Rd
156Delmont Ave
157Detweiler Ave
158Dew Ave
159Dock St
160Dogwood Bldg
161Dogwood Ln
162Dogwood St
163Dolphin Rd
164Donald Ave
165Donegal St
166Dorset Ct
167Double Woods Rd
168Driftwood Bldg
169E Daffodil Ln
170E Emaus St
171E Highland Ave
172E Oak Hill Dr
173E Parker St
174E Ravine Ave
175E Roosevelt Ave
176E Spring Oak Cir
177E Water St
178Eagle Ln
179Ebenezer Rd
180Eby Ln
181Edgewater Dr
182Edinburgh Rd
183Elisa Lynn Way
184Ellis Rd
185Elm Ct
186Elmwood Bldg
187Elwood Dr
188Elwyn Ave
189Epler Rd
190Eric Ln
191Essex Ln
192Evergreen Dr
193Executive Dr
194Exeter Ct
195Fair Ave
196Fairhill Ave
197Farmhouse Ln
198Farmhouse Ln
199Faye Rd
200Fee Ave
201Felker Rd
202Fernwood Ave
203Few Ave
204Fir Ave
205Fisher Ave
206Flame Dr
207Flintlock Ct
208Flour Ln
209Floyd Dr
210Forget Me Not Ln
211Fotheringham Ct
212Fox Ct
213Foxcroft Ln
214Foxianna Rd
215Foxwood Ln
216Framar Ave
217Framer Ave
218Franklin Rd
219Freeman St
220Frey Ave
221Fryes Grove Ln
222Fulling Mill Rd
223Gables Ct
224Gallant Fox Dr
225Gameland Rd
226Garfield Rd
227Garrison Ct
228Gartner Ln
229Gate Ln
230Gaylord Rd
231General Steuben Dr
232General Washington Dr
233General Wayne Dr
234Genesis Ct
235George Dr
236Georgetown Rd
237Geraldine Ln
238Gertrude Ave
239Gingrich Rd
240Girard Ave
241Glen Riddle Rd
242Glenmore Dr
243Goldfields Ave
244Gomer Jones Rd
245Grand Ave
246Grandview Ave
247Granite Ave
248Granite Hill Ct
249Green Meadow Dr
250Green Valley Rd
251Greenfield Dr
252Greenridge Dr
253Greenwood Cir
254Greenwood Dr
255Grimm Ln
256Guiton Rd
257Haines Ct
258Hamilton Dr
259Hamilton St
260Hamlin St
261Hampton Dr
262Hanover Ct
263Hanover St
264Harrisport Ct
265Hartford Dr
266Healy Ct
267Hearthstone Ln
268Heatherland Rd
269Heatherwood Cir
270Heatherwood Dr
271Heatherwood Rd
272Heatons Mill Cir
273Heatons Mill Dr
274Hellings Ave
275Hemlock Hall
276Henry Dr
277Heritage Square
278Hickory Ave
279Hidden Hills Rd
280Hidden Spring Ln
281High Meadow Dr
282High Pointe Cir
283Highland Ave
284Highpoint Cir
285Highpoint Dr
286Highpointe Cir
287Hill St
288Hillsdale Rd
289Hilltop Ct
290Hoffer St
291Hoffman Ave
292Hollow Hill Rd
293Holly Hall
294Hollywood Ave
295Hollywood Dr
296Honeysuckle Ave
297Horseshoe Dr
298Howard Rd
299Howarth Ave
300Howarth Rd
301Huckelberry Ct
302Hulme Ave
303Hunter St
304Hunting Hills Ln
305Indian Ln
306Interstate 76
307Iron Mine Rd
308Iron Rock Ct
309Ivy Dr
310Jackson Valley Rd
311James Ct
312Janney Terrace
313Jeffrey Ln
314Jo-lee Dr
315Joan Trail
316John Barnum Rd
317Jones Rd
318Joseph Dr
319Juniper Ct
320Juniper St
321Karen Ln
322Kathy Dr
323Keenan Rd
324Keener Ave
325Kelchner Ave
326Keller Ave
327Kellerman Rd
328Kenton Dr
329Kenwood Bldg
330Keystone Ct
331Keystone Ct
332Knoll Ave
333Knollwood Bldg
334Knowlton Rd
335Krepps Rd
336Lady Slipper Ln
337Lafayette Cir
338Lake Dr
339Lakeshore Dr
340Lamplight Cir
341Land Ave
342Lantern Ln
343Lark St
344Lauffer Rd
345Laura Lynn Ln
346Laurel Dr
347Lawrence Cir
348Lenape Cir
349Lesher Dr
350Levis Ave
351Light Ave
352Lilac Way
353Lincoln Rd
354Linda Ln
355Line Ave
356Little Ln
357Locust Dr
358Locust Grove Rd
359Londonderry Dr
360Lone Cir
361Long Ave
362Longenecker Ln
363Longfellow Dr
364Longview Ave
365Lowell Ct
366Lower Central Dr
367Lungren Rd
368Lynnwood Bldg
369Madison Ave
370Main Dr
371Mallard Ln
372Manny Dr
373Maple Acres Rd
374Maple Ave
375Maple Rd
376Maplewood Dr
377Mart Foran Rd
378Martin Gross Dr
379Martin's Ln
380Mary Anne Dr
381Mattis Ave
382Mckinney Ln
383Meadowbrook Dr
384Meadowbrook Ln
385Meadowburn Ln
386Meadowcroft Ln
387Meadowglen Ln
388Meadowhurst Ln
389Meadowpark Ln
390Meadowvale Ln
391Meadowview Ct
392Meadowwood Ln
393Meeks Rd
394Melanie Ln
395Messick Dr
396Mic Nan Dr
397Michael Dr
398Middle Ave
399Middletown Rd
400Middletown Rd & Knowlton Rd
401Midland Ct
402Miles Rd
403Mill Pond Pl
404Millstone Ct
405Mistletoe Dr
406Moccasin Trail
407Mohawk Ln
409Moore Cir
410Morgan Dr
411Mountain View Rd
412Moyers Ln
413Mt Misery Ln
414Mt Royal Ave
415Mud Pike
416Mulberry Ct
417N Azalea Ct
418N Bryn Mawr Pl
419N Buckhorn Ave
420N Bucks Town Dr
421N Buckthorne Ave
422N Canterbury Ave
423N Catherine St
424N Cherry Blossom Ct
425N Clearview Ave
426N Constance Dr
427N Elmwood Ave
428N Geyers Church Rd
429N Hawthorne Ave
430N Hazel Ave
431N Heilbron Dr
432N Lawrence St
433N Myrtlewood Ave
434N Pine St
435N Spring St
436N Walnut Terrace
437N Wood St
438Nancy Blvd
439Neagle Rd
440Nelson Dr
441Nelson Manor Ln
442New Canal St
443New Darlington Rd
444Newberry Rd
445Nissley Dr
446Nissley St
447North Dr
448Northampton St
449Northumberland St
450O'hara Ln
451Oak Hill Dr
452Oakview Cir
453Oakwood Bldg
454Oberlin Rd
455Obermayer Cir
456Old Reliance Rd
457Old Swift Rd
458Olde Farm Rd
459Olde House Ln
460Oliver Ct
461Olmstead Dr - Pennsylvania State University Capital Campus
462Orchard Ave
463Oriental Dr
464Ormiston Dr
465Oswin Turn
466Park Circle Rd
467Park Rd
468Parker St
469Parkland Ave
470Parkmount Rd
471Parkvale Ave
472Parkview Ave
473Parkway Ave
474Parrick Ln
475Pathfinder Dr
476Patricia Pl
477Paul Cir
478Paul Ln
479Pecks Rd
480Pembroke Dr
481Penn Charter Dr
482Penn Way
483Penncrest Dr
484Pennsylvania Turnpike
485Peony Ave
486Periwinkle Ave
487Pheasant Dr
488Phoenix Plaza
489Pike St
490Pin Oak Dr
491Pine Glen Rd
492Pine Tree Dr
493Pinebrook Dr
494Pineford Bldg
495Pineford Dr
496Plane St
497Playwicki Ave
498Powderhorn Ln
499Powderhorn Rd
500Prince Eugene Ln
501Quincy Ave
502Quincy St
503Raintree Ct
504Ralph Ave
505Ramble Ave
506Ramble Rd
507Rampart E
508Rampart W
509Ravine St
510Ray Rd
511Raymond Ln
512Red Hill Plaza Rd
513Redwood Ave
514Redwood Bldg
515Reily Rd
516Reservation Trail
517Reservoir Dr
518Rhoads Ln
519Richard Ave
520Richard Ln
521Riddlewood Dr
522Ridge Ave
523Rife St
524Ritter St
525Riverview Dr
526Robin Cir
527Rockcress Way
528Rocky Ln
529Rose Ave
530Rosedale Ave
531Rosemary Ave
532Rovak Dr
533Rte 283
534Rte 441
535Rupp St
536Rushley Way
537Russell Ave
538Russell Ave
539Rutland Rd
540S Bryn Mawr Pl
541S Bucks Town Rd
542S Buckthorne Ave
543S Canterbury Ave
544S Catherine St
545S Cherry Blossom Ct
546S Clearview Ave
547S Constance Dr
548S Eisenhower Blvd
549S Elmwood Ave
550S Flowers Mill Rd
551S Geyers Church Rd
552S Hazel Ave
553S Lawrence St
554S Myrtlewood Ave
555S New Middletown Rd
556S Nissley Dr
557S Pennell Rd
558S Walnut Terrace
559S Wood St
560S Woodbine Ave
561Sagebrush Ln
562Sam Williams Rd
563Scarlett Ln
564Schoolhouse Rd
565Schrenks Way
566Schweitzer St
567Scott Ave
568Secretariat Cir
569Selcher Ln
570Selma Ave
571Shadduck Rd
572Shady Brook Dr
573Shasta Rd
574Shaw Ave
575Shelleys Island Bare
576Shippen St
577Shirley Cir
578Shirley Dr
580Simon Dr
581Smedley Ave
582Soldier Song Ln
583South Dr
584Southfield Dr
585Sparrow Ln
586Sparrow Turn
587Speyer Rd
588Spring Garden Dr
589Spring House Rd
590Spring Run Ln
591St Andrews Dr
592St James Ct
593St James Dr
594St Mary Blvd
595Stable Ln
596Starflower Ln
597State Route 4017
598Station Dr
599Stephania Dr
600Stephen Dr
601Steve Jones Rd
602Stone Bridge Ct
603Stoner Dr
604Stoneridge Ln
605Stoneybrook Ct
606Stratton Ct
607Strawberry Cir
608Strites Rd
609Styers Ln
610Sugarberry Ln
611Summit Ct
612Summit Ridge Rd
613Sunflower Ave
614Sunny Hill Dr
615Sunset Dr
616Swansea Dr
617Swar Ave
618Swatara Ave
619Swatara Creek Rd
620Sweet Pea Ln
621Sweet William Way
622Swift Rd
626Tamarack Trail
627Tanglewood Bldg
628Tanglewood Dr
629Tarn Rd
630Tawny Rd
631Teal Dr
632Tempo Rd
633The Ramble Rd
634Theodore Ave
635Thistle Rd
636Tina Dr
637Tinder Rd
638Tinsel Rd
639Tioga Ave
640Top Rd
641Towns Rd
642Towpath Rd
643Trail Rd
644Trellis Rd
645Trim Rd
646Tulip Tree Rd
647Tupelo Ln
648Turf Rd
649Turner St
650Turnpike Industrial Park
651Tweed Rd
652Twin Oak Dr
653Twin Oak Entry Rd
654Ulrich St
655Upham Rd
656Vagabond St
657Valleyview Rd
658Van Leer Ave
659Vet Davis Rd
660Vine St
661Vineyard Ln
662W Daffodil Ln
663W Emaus St
664W Glen Cir
665W Harrisburg Pike
666W Harrisburg Pike
667W Roosevelt Ave
668W Spring Oak Cir
669W St Andrews Dr
670W Virginia Ave
671W Water St
672Waldon Rd
673Walsh Ave
674Walter Dr
675Walters Way
676War Admiral Ln
677Washington St
678Water St
679Wayne St
680Webster Ave
681Wedgewood Ln
682Wellington Dr
683Westbriar Dr
684Wharton Ave
685Wheatfield Ct
686Wheel Ct
687Wheeler Ct
688Whirlaway Rd
689White Ash Dr
690White House Ln
691Whitman Ln
692Wildwood Bldg
693Wilkes Dr
694William Charles Dr
696Williamson Cir
697Willowgate Ln
698Wilson St
699Windham Dr
700Windsor Dr
701Winter Ave
702Wisteria Ave
703Witherspoon Ave
704Wood Ct
705Wood Duck Ln
706Wood Stream Ct
707Woodbriar Dr
708Woodbyne Bldg
709Woodcrest Ln
710Woodlands Dr
711Woodmere Bldg
712Woodridge Dr
713Woods Dr
714Woods Edge Dr
715Woodvale Ave
716Woodward Ave
717Wrights Ln
718Wychwood Ln
719Wyncroft Dr
721Wyoming St
722Yarrow Way
723Yearsley Mill Rd
724Young Ave
725Zinnia Way
726Zion Rd