List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Millville, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
1Acre Rd
2Applegate Rd
3Bald Hill Rd
4Bardo Rd
5Barren Rd
6Bartholomew Rd
7Beagle Rd
8Bitler Rd
9Black Birch Rd
10Black Ln
11Black Rd
12Blackbird Rd
13Blass Ln
14Blue Jay Rd
15Bottom Rd
16Boudman Rd
17Boyer Bottom Rd
18Cain Ln
19Camp Victory Rd
20Canary Rd
21Case Ln
22Cherry Hollow Rd
23Chestnut Ln
24Chestnut Rd
25Church Road Exd
26Confer Hollow Rd
27Covered Bridge Rd
28Crane Rd
29Doris Dr
30Dove Ln
31E Battin Ln
32Engle Rd
33Eyersgrove Rd
34Foust Ln
35Francis St
36Goose Rd
37Haven Ln
38Hemlock Ln
39Hemsarth Rd
40 Hill Rd
41Hogs Back Rd
42Hons Ln
43Hummingbird Rd
44Ikeler Rd
45Iron Horse Ln
46Ironwood Rd
47Kashner Rd
48Kyttle Hollow Rd
49Lake Rd
50Liberty Dr
51Logging Road 19053
52Mallard Rd
53Maple Ridge Rd
54Meadows Dr
55Morehead Ave
56N Hill Dr
57N State St
58Nittany Ln
59North End Ln
60Oak Ridge Ln
61Oakwood Dr
62Old 42
63P O Ave
64Pat's Upper Rd
65Patton Hill Rd
66Pine Center Church Rd
67Pine School Rd
68Poplar Rd
69Post Office Alley
70Post Office Ave
71Quaker Ln
72Red Tail Rd
73Reese Ln
74Ringneck Rd
75Robin Rd
76Rock Oak Rd
77Rod And Gun Club Rd
78Rote Hollow Rd
79Rte 254
80 Runaway Ln
81S State St
82School Ln
83Sereno Hollow Rd
84Shed Rd
85Shingle Run Rd
86Shoemaker Bridge Rd
87Sones Rd
89State Route 4022
90Sulky Rd
91Sult Rd
92Sunflower Ln
93Sunnyview Ln
94Swan Rd
102Teaberry Rd
103Turkey Path Rd
105Walnut Ln
106White Ash Rd
107White Horse Pike
108Wintersteen School Rd
109Woodland Dr