List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Milton, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
1Academy Ave
2Beaver St
3Bound Ave
4Broad St
5Brown Ave
6Cameron Ave
7Canal St
8Cardinal Dr
9Carpenter Rd
10Carr Ave
11Cedar Ave
12Clemens Dr
13Crestview Ct
14Crestview Dr
15Derr Dr
16Dougal St
17Fairview Ave
18Fairview Village Rd
19Ferry Ln
20Filbert St
21Follmer Rd
22Fonda Rd
23Foust Ln
24Franklin Ave
25Garfield Ave
26Georgetown Ln
27Golf Course Rd
28Greenbriar Ct
29Greenbriar Dr
30Hartzel Ln
31Hawthorne Ct
32Hepburn St
33Hepburn St Exd
34High St
35Hillside Pl
36Hobbes Rd
37Honeysuckle Ln
38Industrial Park Rd
39Interstate 80
40 James St
41Jo Ann Ln
42Jordan St
43Keefer Mill Rd
44Lawton Ln
45Limestone Rd
46Link Dr
47Locust St
48Long Alley
49Lower Market St
50Lycoming St
51Mahoning St
52Mansion Rd
53Marion Ave
54Market Alley
55Marsh Rd
56Mexico Rd
57Mexico Rd
58Mt Zion Rd
59Muffley Nursery Rd
60Myrtle St
61N Arch St
62N Filbert St
63N Industrial Park Rd
64N Turbot Ave
65Old Orchard Rd
66Piper Ave
67Pleasant Valley Ave
68Poplar Ave
69Prospect Ave
70Quarry Ln
71Raymond St
72Red Hill Rd
73Ridgeview Ct
74Robin Ct
75Rolling Ridge Ct
76Rolling Ridge Dr
77Rose St
78Rte 254
79Rte 45
80 Rte 642
81S Arch St
82S Industrial Park Rd
83S Turbot Ave
84Sandpiper Ct
85Shakespeare Ave
86Shakespeare Ave
87Shakespeare Rd
88Sodom Rd
89Songbird Ln
90Spottswood Dr
93Stanton Ave
94State Route 1016
95State Route 1020
96State Route 1025
97State Route 3012
98Stonefence Rd
99Strick Rd
100Strick Rd
101Swallow Ct
102Sycamore Ln
103T 622
112Upper Market St
113Vertie Ln
114Voris Rd
115W Maple Ave
116W Maple St
117Wall St
118Warrens Rd
119Westfield Ct
120Willow St
121Wilson Cir
122Woodsedge Ct
123Woodsedge Dr
124Woodside Dr
125Yocum Rd