List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Oakdale, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
1Aberdeen Drive
2Adullam Drive
3Amanda Drive
4Atwell Drive
5Bantam Road
6Bateman Road
7Benson Boulevard
8Bluefield Drive
9Boys Home Road
10Brickbarn Court
11Brooketree Court
12Carolina Drive
13Cedarbrook Court
14Chestershire Drive
15Clef Drive
16Clinton Ave Exn
17Clinton Avenue
18Cobblestone Court
19Crab Orchard Court
20Crescent Hill Road
21Crossroads Drive
22Davis Boulevard
24Deans Lane
25Deer Hollow Drive
26Deerbrook Lane
27Dixie Drive
28Donaldson Road
29Dutch Hill Road
30Dutch Hollow Road
31East South Drive
32Easton Lane
33Elm Court
34Farmcrest Drive
35Fayette Avenue
36Fayetteville Road
37Fern Drive
38Firenze Drive
39Florida Drive
40 Gamble Road
41Gilmore Road
42Gormley Ave
43Grail Hill Court
44Greenfield Drive
45Gregg Station Road
46Hankey Farms Drive
47Harvester Drive
48Hastings Avenue
49Hawthorne Circle
50Hawthorne Drive
51Hawthorne Square
52Heinlein Road
53Hemlock Court
54Hereford Drive
55Highland Avenue North
56Highland Avenue South
57Hilton Circle
59Hoffman Drive
60Industrial Park Drive
61Ivy Street
62Jessica Circle
63Jonathan Court
64K P Hollow Road
65Katy Lane
66Keenan Way
67Kramers Lane
68Kressview Drive
69Leghorn Drive
70Lewis Road
71Lilac Court
72Longhorn Drive
73Lutz Road
74Maple Avenue South
75Market Place Drive
76Massaro Place
77Maxlene Drive
78Merriwood Drive
79Millers Drive
80 Molinaro Circle
81Mondine Lane
82Nesbitt Road
83New Moon Drive
84Oak Heights Drive
85Oakridge Heights Drive
86Old Fayette Trail
87Old Lincoln Highway West
88Old Mckee Road
89Old N Branch Road
90Old Noblestown Road
91Palomino Drive
92Panhandle Trail
93Persian Drive
94Pfc Sayeas Road
95Pinch Road Exd
96Pinkerton Road
97Pinkerton Run Road
98Poplar Lane
99Pvt Lobaugh Drive
100Raymond Drive
101Redfield Drive
102Redwood Drive
103Rehner-wood Drive
104Robb Hill Road
105Rocky Circle
106Rose Court
107Royal Oak Drive
108Rutherglen Drive
109Saddle Ridge Drive
110Scotch Hill Road
111Scott Alley
112Seminary Avenue
113Severna Avenue
114Sfl Sitman Road
115Sgt Messerschmidt Road
116Shadypark Court
117Shagas Lane
118Shepherd Lane
119Shipland Road
120Shirley Lane
121Silo Court
122Sitman Road
123Southeast Drive
124Springhill Drive
125State Route 3048
126State Street West
127Steen Hollow Road
128Steubenville Pike
129Stonebridge Drive
130Stonesipher Road
131Summerfield Estates Drive
132Sutter Street
133Swiss Drive
134Tiporary Court
135Tomey Road
136Turnberry Lane
137Tuscany Ridge Drive
138Union Avenue
139Village Circle
140Vincennes Avenue
141Virginia Drive
142Walker Street
143Walnut Lane
144Wesley Lane
145Whittengale Road
146Winslow Drive