List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Patton, Pennsylvania

#Street Name
14th Ave
25th Ave
35th Ave
46th Ave
5Alder Ct
6Alma Mater Dr
7Alto Ln
8Ambleside Ct
9Anna St
10Arbo Mountain Ln
11Ashcraft Ln
12Aspen Ln
14Atherton St
15Barrens Ct
16Basin St
17Beach Rd
18Beaumanor Dr
19Beaver Valley Rd
20Beech Ave
21Beech Rd
22Benjamin Ct
23Bernel Rd
24Birch Ave
25Blackberry Hill Rd
26Blue Bird Ln
27Blueberry Hill Ln
28Brackenbourne Dr
29Brewer Ave
30Brothers Ct
31Brown Ave
32Camp Ln
33Cedar Rd
34Cherry Tree Ln
35Chickory Ln
36Chippendale Ct
37Clemson Ct
38Colgate Ct
39Colonnade Way
40 Confer Farm Ln
41Coventry Ln
42Cowher Ave
43Cricklewood Cir
44Dedea Rd
45Deer Pond Farm Rd
46Deerbrook Dr
47Dogwood Ln
48Donnelly Ave
49Driftwood Dr
50E Clearview Ave
51E Springwood Pl
52E Willowood Ct
53Eagle Field Rd
54Echo Hollow Ln
55Eckenrode Mill Rd
56Edelweiss St
57Elm Ave
58Essex Ct
59Fairwood Ln
60Fenwick Dr
61Fernridge Rd
62Filmore Rd
63Fox Hill Rd
64Fredricksburg Ct
65Froggy Ln
66Gardina Rd
67Ghaner Dr
68Ghaner Rd
69Gibson Pl
70Good Ave
71Gray Fox Ln
72Grays Ln
73Grays Woods Blvd
74Green Ave
75Greenmeadow Ln
76Haluska Ave
77Hampton Ct
78Hawbaker Industrial Dr
79Heather St
80 Heide Ln
81Heiskel Dr
82Herriman Ave
83High Meadow Ct
84Honors Dr
85Horner Ln
86Hunter Wood Way
87Ivy Streets
88James Ave
89James Ave Exd
90Jasmine Rd
91Kensington Dr
92Kerr Ave
93Kesington Dr
94Kimber Lee Dr
95Kinkead Ave
96Kline Ln
97Klondike Rd
98Kolln Ln
99Kradel Ln
100Kristina Cir
101Lang Ave
102Lauck St
103Linda Ave
104Lingle Ave
105Lions Hill Rd
106Logging Road 11084
107Lower Julian Pike
108Magee Ave
109Magee Rd
110Manhasset Dr
111Marina Rd
112Marjorie Mae St
113Mary Ellen Ln
114Marysville Ln
115Mcintyre Ave
116Mckivison Ct
117Meeks Ln
118Mellon Ave
119Michael Rd
120Minute Man Rd
121Montauk Cir
122Moondance Ln
123Moose Ave
124Morgan Hill Ln
125Murray Ave
126N 3rd Ave
127N Barkway Ln
128N Fillmore Rd
129N Springwood Pl
130Nettle Ln
131Norma Mae Cir
132Old Railroad Ln
133Palmer Ave
134Patton Plaza
135Paul Joseph Dr
136Pennwood N
137Picadilly Rd
138Piccadilly Rd
139Pickwick Ave
140Piper Ln
141Potters Ln
142Presidents Dr
143Prices Ln
144Prindible Ave
145Prinible Ave
146Railroad Ave
147Red Alder Rd
148Regina Cir
149Rhapsody Ln
150River Dr
151Rose Dr
152Ross Ave
153Rte 36
154S Barkway Ln
155S Fillmore Rd
156Sara Way
157Scotia Rd
158Sellers Ln
159Seymore Ave
160Shadow Hawk Ln
161Siltop Ln
162Skytop Ln
163Spring Glen Pl
164Springwood Pl
170St Lawrence Rd
171Standing Stone Ln
172State Park Rd
173State Route 3003
174State Route 3028
175State Route 4008
176Stevenson Rd
177Stoney Point Dr
178Strouse Ave
179Teresa Cir
180Terra Cotta Ave
181Timberton Cir
182Toftrees Ave
183Tower Rd
184Tower Rd
185University Ave
186Valley Vista Dr
187Varsity Ln
188W Clearview Ave
189W Willowood Ct
190Waddle Rd
191Washington St
192Washington St
193Weaver St
194Welty Ln
195Whisper Ridge Rd
196White Birch Rd
197Whitepine Pl
198Willowood Ct
199Wilts Ln
200Windtryst Ave
201Winfield Ct
202Winterberry Dr
203Woodledge Dr
204Woodpecker Ln
205Woodycrest St