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List of Street Names with maps in Afton, Tennessee

#Street Name
16 Oaks Lane
2Afton Road
3Amber Leaf Lane
4American Road
5Babbs Mill Road
6Betsy Ross Road
7Bill Jones Road
8Bill Martin Road - Cherokee National Forest
9Bill Shaw Road
10Blackberry Lane
11Bonnie Lee Lane - Cherokee National Forest
12Brackens Lane
13Brian Circle
14Bright Way
15Brittontown Lane
16Brittontown Road
17Byerley Lane
18Calico Road
19Canores Road
20Carl Doty Road
21Cecil Smith Road
22Chaperal Lane
23Chestnut Ridge Road
24Chickadee Road
25Chuckey Doak Acc
26Chuckey Doak Road
27Cimarron Trail
28Clover Lane
29Cloverdale Lane
30Cottontail Lane
31Country Lane
32Craft Springs Road East
33Daniels Lane
34Davis Branch Road
35Davis Valley Road
36Doak Hensley Road
37Dogwalk Road
38Dogwood Park
39Doty Chapel Road
40 English Way
41Erwin Highway
42Fairview Ridges Court
43Fairview Road
44Falcon Nest
45Flamingo Road
46Frank Roberts Road
47Gatewood Road
48Gibson Loop
49Graceland Lane
50Green Ridge Loop - Cherokee National Forest
51Greene Ridge Loop - Cherokee National Forest
52Greenwood Road
53Gunsmoke Lane
54Herman Circle
55Highland Park Lane
56Hillbrook Lane
57Holder Road
58Idell Circle
59Jakie Justice Road
60Jay Fanning Road
61John Bird Road
62Jubilee Road
63Keller Road
64Lacewood Lane
65Lee Shelton Lane
66Mary Lamons Road
67Mayflower Lane - Cherokee National Forest
68Maynard Johnson Lane
69Mcafee Road
70Meadow Brook Road
71Meadowbrook Road
72Melody Circle
73Melody Road
74Mercer Lane
75Middle Creek Road
76Milligan Road
77Mitchell Way
78Moon Creek Road
79Mortis Hollow Lane
80 Mount Zion Road
81North Water Fork Road
82Old Johnson City Road
83Orion Road
84Patterson Street
85Peters Lane
86Pin Oak Lane
87Pine Ridge Road
88Preacher Laws Road
89Raccoon Branch
90Randolph Road
91Red Dog Lane
92Reynolds Road
93Ridge Way
94Ridgeway Lane
95Roaring Spring Road
96Robin Lane
97Rock Quarry Road
98Scenic View Lane
99Scott Farm Road
100Scott Way
101Seaton Road
102Shanks Place
103Sinking Creek Park
104Sinks Lane
105Smith Town Road
106Snapps Ferry Road
107Springbrook Road
108Springview Drive
109Statler Park
110Steepwoods Lane - Cherokee National Forest
111Stomper Road
112Tangleberry Lane
113Tanglewood Trail
114Thacker Lane
115Tipton Lane
116Tyne Gray Road
117Union Chapel Road
118Veldt Lane
119Walkertown Road
120Ward Road
121West Pines Road
122Wickerwood Lane
123Williams Spring Road
124Windbranch Lane
125Woodmen Lane
126Zion Hollow Road