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List of Street Names with maps in Baxter, Tennessee

#Street Name
11st Avenue North
21st Avenue South
33rd Avenue North
43rd Avenue South
54th Avenue North
64th Avenue South
75th Avenue North
85th Avenue South
96th Avenue North
106th Avenue South
117th Avenue South
12Abby Lane
13Alexander Street
14Allison Road
15Alton Boyd Road
16Anderson Carr Road
17Anderson Street
18Andkoo Road
19Arthur Massa Road
20Ash Drive
21Ashburn Road
22Askin Lane
23Austin Botten Road
24Austin Botten Road
25Austin Bottom Road
26Austin Bottom Road
27Austin Lake Road
28Austin Lake Road Road
29Austin Ridge Road
30B A R Road
31Ball Hill Road
32Bars Mill Road
33Baxter Road
34Baxter Smithville
35Ben Jared Road
36Bethany Road
37Big Ben Circle
38Big Indian Creek Road
39Birdwell Lane
40 Bloomington Road
41Bob Mathis Road
42Boma Cemetary Road
43Boma Community Center Road
44Brittney Circle
45Broad Street
46Broadwater Branch Road
47Brother In Law Hill Road
48Brown Lane
49Brown Lane Road
50Brown Ridge Road
51Bruce Ridge Road
52Bryant Ridge Road
53Byers Road
54Byrd Lane
55Camphouse Road
56Catherine Court
57Chaffin Road
58Cherry Street
59Chester Thomas Road
60Chestnut Street
61Cheyenne Trail
62Clarence Nash Road
63Coleman Circle
64Commodore Circle
65Commodore Court
66Cookeville Boat Dock Road
67Cookeville Boatdock Road
68Cookeville Boatdock Road
69Coon Hunt Road
70Cow Palace Drive
71Crowder Road
72Cunningham Lane
73Dave Thomas Lane
74Deb Dunn Road
75Demaur Lane
76Dillon Road
77Dobbs Cemetary Road
78Dobbs Cemetary Road
79Double View Circle
80 Dug Hill Road
81Dunavin Drive
82Dunn Ridge Road
83Dunn Road
84Dusty Lane
85Dyer Ridge Road
86Eagles Nest Road
87East Lollar Road
88Easy Street
89Edmonds Road
90Elm Road
91Elm Street
92Elmore Town Road
93Elrod Drive
94Elrod Road
95Empire Avenue
96Ensor Creek Road
97Falcon Point
98Fast Lane
99Fields Road
100Finis Rodgers Road
101Finley Spring Road
102Finley Springs Road
103Flatt Wheeler Road
104Flea Market Road
105Ford Road
106Fox Hill Road
107Fox Hill Road
108Frank A Barns Road
109Friendly Road
110Gainesboro Highway
111Gant Road
112Gentry Drive
113Gilley Hill Road
114Goff Ridge Road
115Grace Avenue
116Grimes Cemertery Road
117H O Allison Road
118Helms Road
119Henley Road
120Henry Gambrell Road
121Hewitt Ridge Road
122Hickey Ridge Road
123Higgenbottom Road
124Highland Avenue
125Highway 56
126Highway 70
127Hillrose Drive
128Honest Acres Road
129Huff Hollow Road
130Indian Creek Road
131Jack Dobbs Road
132Jack Lewis Road
133Jared Ridge Road
134Jd Randolph Road
135Jesse Mahan Road
136Jim Lollar Road
137Jimmie Neal Road
138Joe Elmore Road
139Joe Henley Road
140John Gentry Road
141John Rice Road
142Jones Road
143Judd Cemetery Road
144Julian Lane
145Kermit Lafever Road
146Kristy Lane
147Lafayette School Road
148Lake Breeze Road
149Lake View Heights
150Lance Drive
151Landis Road
152Lanis Road
153Larry Ridge Road
154Lee Cemetary Road
155Leffew Road
156Leftwich Hollow Road
157Leftwich Ridge Road
158Leonard Flatt Road
159Ligon Street
160Lillys Chapel Road
161Lincoln Drive
162Little Bennett Road
163Lollar Road
164Lowetown Road
165Maddux Ridge Road
166Magnolia Street
167Main Street
168Martin Road
169Massa Road
170Mathis Ridge Road
171Maxwell Road
172Mcbroom Branch Road
173Medley Drive
174Medlin Road
175Melody Lane
176Mena Jane Lane
177Millie Lane
178Minton Drive
179Mopar Drive
180Moss Road
181Mountain Laurel Road
182Mulberry Road
183Nash Road
184Nashville Highway
185New Moss Road
186New Window Cliff Road
187O D Rogers Road
188Oak Lane
189Olan Maxwell Road
190Old Cane Creek Road
191Old Gainsboro Road
192Old Mill Road
193Old Moss Road
194Old Sam Martin Road
195Palmer Lane
196Partridge Trail
197Peach Street
198Peek Road
199Phillips Street
200Pine Grove Road
201Pleasant View Cemetery Road
202Pow Road
203Prosperity Drive
204Pullum Circle
205Pump House Road
206Putnam County Land Fill Road
207Putnam Street
208Rabbit Ridge Road
209Raven Crossing
210Rice Road
211Ridge View Trail
212Riley Lafever Road
213River Road
214Robin Trail
215Robinson Ridge Road
216Rock Island Road
217Rodgers Cemetary Road
218Roy Luke Road
219Scott Watts Road
220Sewell Street
221Shady Cove Road
222Shaw Branch Road
223Silas Vickers Road
224Smith Lane
225South Allen Road
226Southfork Road
227Stanton Hollow Road
228Stanton Road
229Star Gaze Lane
230Stephanie Lane
231Stover Road
232Sunny Point Road
233Tennessee Street
234Thomas Drive
235Thomas Twin Oaks Road
236Thompson Ridge Road
237Tightfit Lane
238Tightfit Road
239Tom Fall Road
240Town Creek Road
241Tucker Lane
242Tucker Oaks Road
243Turkey Hollow Road
244Upperman Lane
245Vergie Harris Road
246Vickers Cemetary Road
247Vickers Ridge Road
248Virgie Brown Lane
249Waller Drive
250Walnut Road
251Walnut Street
252Ward Mill Road
253Warren Henley Road
254Warren Hollow Road
255Water Plant Road
256Watts Cemetery Road
257West Chestnut Street
258West Gate Drive
259West Minster Drive
260Wheeler Street
261Williams Lane
262Willow Oak Drive
263Willow Street
264Window Cliff Drive
265Window Cliff Road
266Zachary Lane