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List of Street Names with maps in Dyer, Tennessee

#Street Name
1A Street
2Acorn Hill Road
3Allen Road
4Ashley Street
5Balentine Road
6Banks Turner Road
7Bates Road
8Becton Circle
9Becton Cove
10Becton Street
11Beech Grove Road
12Bells Chapel Road
13Boham Road
14Bottom Road
15Brown Road
16Cardwell Road
17Central Street
18College Street
19Coolidge Drive
20Coolidge Street
21Currie Road
22Davis Street
23Division Street
24Doctor Porter Road
25Dyer Highway
26East College Street
27East Maple Street
28East South Street
29East Walnut Street
30Ed Mcdonald Road
31Elm Street
32Elm Street
33Ernest Paschall Road
34Esquire Green Road
35Fairway Towers Estates
36Finley Road
37Fisher Road
38Fletcher Road
39Freemont Street
40 Gravettes Crossing East
41Gravettes Crossing Road West
42Green Cutoff Road
43Green Road
44Grissom Road
45Hanks Road
46Herman Cavitt Road
47High Street
48Hopewell Road
49Horseshoe Loop
50Hull Street
51Industrial Drive
52Ira Halford Road
53Iron Mountain Road
54J Dunagan Road
55Jack Dozier Road
56Jack Ladd Road
57Kay Road
58King Lane
59Lee Street
60Linden Street
61Madison Street
62Mccurdy Road
63Mcfarland Road
64Mercer Cutoff Road
65Midway Road 17
66Midway Road 25
67Monroe Street
68Mount Olive Cut Off Road
69Mount Olive Road
70Nebo Yorkville Road
71Nee Road
72New Bethlehem Road
73New Hope Road
74New Hope Street
75Newt Ray Road
76North Poplar Street
77North Royal Street
78Oak Street
79Ode Reed Road
80 Old Dyer Rutherford Road
81Old Dyer Yorkville Road
82Old Dyer-trenton Road
83Old Dyersburg Road
84Old State Highway 77
85Ora Goad Road
86Orr Road
87Parkview Drive
88Peach Street
89Poplar Grove Road
90Rabbit Road
91Raymond Baker Road
92Reed Road
93Reg Thompson Road
94Riverside Yorkville Road
95Robert R Thornton Road
96Rocky Point Drive
97Royal Street
98Sand Road
99Scattered Acres Drive
100Scott Road
101Seedtick Road
102Sims Road
103South Royal Street
104Stockton Davidson Road
105Stribling Street
106Thomas Street
107Tollie Gordon Road
108Tollie Markham Road
109Tom Austin Road
110Walnut Saint Exd
111Washington Street
112Watson Road
113West Broad Street
114West College Street
115West South Street
116Will Orr Road
117Wilson Road
118Yorkville Highway
119Yorkville Street