List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Ethridge, Tennessee

#Street Name
1Alexander Lane
2Alexander Springs Road
3Amish Lane
4Anderson Cr Road
5Armstrong Avenue
6Balee Drive
7Benefield Lane
8Benson Road
9Blackwood Lane
10Blankenship Lane
11Bolin Road
12Bonner Road
13Brewer Lane
14Brewer Road
15Brier Hill Road
16Brooks Hughes Road
17Brooks Hughs Road
18Buckner Road
19Bud Taylor Road
20Buffalo Road
21Butner Road
22C Kirk Circle
23Campbellsville Pike
24Captain Drive
25Carvell Lane
26Casteel Road
27Castle Rock Road
28Caulk Drive
29Central Street
30Cherry Street
31Clifton Cemetery Road
32Convent Road
33Cope Lane
34County Farm Road
35County Highway 1815
36County Highway 367
37County Highway 940
38Coy Risner Road
39Cross Lane
40 Cross Road
41Dave Risner Road
42Dave Risner Road
43Davis Road
44Dickey Road
45Dooley Road
46Dry Weakley Creek Road
47Dry Weakley Road
48Dry Weakley Road
49East Edan Road
50East High Street
51East Lewis Street
52Elizabeth Court
53Ethridge - Red Hill Road
54Factory Creek Road
55Faulkner Road
56Flatwoods Road
57Foster Avenue
58Freedom Hill Road
59Freeman Lane
60Gingerich Lane
61Grant Road
62Gray Road
63Gwinn Road
64Hagan Road
65Haymon Lane
66Henryville Road
67High Street
68Hudson Road
69Indiana Avenue
70Inman Ridge Road
71Iris Avenue
72James Brown Lane
73James Road
74Jap Lane
75Jennifer Court
76Kirk Road
77Lawson Lane
78Lazy Lane
79Lee Avenue
80 Liberty Hill Loop
81Lincoln Avenue
82Lincoln Street
83Long Road
84Louisiana Drive
85Lyndon Lane
86Main Street
87Marcella Falls Road
88Marcella Road
89Mavis Drive
90Mcdowell Road
91Mcfall Road
92Merrel Avenue
93Mill Road
94Mint Springs Road
95Morgan Drive
96Mount Horeb Road
97Muckle Branch Road
98New Horizon Circle
99Newton Lane
100North Church Avenue
101North Maple Avenue
102North Mount Ararat Road
103North Park Grove Road
104Oaks Road
105Old Us Highway 43
106Paige Road
107Parker Road
108Pleasant Valley Road
109Polk Campbell Road
110Pyles Lane
111Raymond Court
112Rea Branch Road
113Rhea Branch Road
114Rock Spring Br Road
115Rock Spring Road
116Rushing Road
117Saviors Path
118Sawmill Road
119Shuler Br Road
120Shuler Branch Road
121South Brace Road
122South Church Avenue
123South Church Street
124South Maple Avenue
125Staggs Road
126Sugarland Road
127Taylor Circle
128Taylor Circle Drive
129Taylor Road
130Tom Lane
131Valley Road
132Vick Road
133Walnut Avenue
134Walnut Lane
135Water Fork Road
136Waterfork Road
137Weakley Loop
138Weakley Loop
139West Edan Road
140West High Street
141West Lewis Street
142Womble Ridge Road
143Woodward Hollow Road
144Woodward Hollow Road
145Yoder Road