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List of Street Names with maps in Greenback, Tennessee

#Street Name
1Alcove Boulevard
2Alleghany Avenue
3Appleby Road
4Axley Chapel Road
5Baileys Road
6Baxter Bright Road
7Beeler Loop Road
8Bell View Road
9Bethvale Drive
10Black Road
11Brook Road
12Buford Court
13Burton Road
14Byrds Way
15Cabe Road
16Cable Farm Road
17Caleb Trail
18Calhoun Drive
19Carpenter Loop Road
20Carpenter Road
21Cedar Church Lane
22Charlene Lane
23Chilhowee Avenue
24Chosin Trail
25Cloyds Church Road
26Cloyds Creek Road
27Cloyds Creek Road
28Cloyds Lane
29Connatser Drive
30Cope Road
31Correll Way
32Coytee Road
33Craigs Chapel Road
34Crumley Road
35Deer Cove Road
36Doc Hall Road
37Doe Drive
38Dotson Hill Road
39Dotson Road
40 East Alcove Drive
41East Coast Tellico Parkway
42East Cove Drive
43East Tellico Parkway
44Elbert Lane
45Eloise West Road
46Eugene Disney Lane
47Evans Road
48Evergreen Farms Lane
49Fallen Leaf Court
50Fipps Lane
51Fisher Lane
52Fork Road
53Foxboro Lane
54Franklin Estates Lane
55Gibson Way
56Glendale Community Road
57Golden Trail
58Greenback Road
59Grego Drive
60Gregory Road
61Griffitts Keep Court
62Gryder Lane
63Hammontree Lane
64Heaton Road
65Henry Lane
66Henry Way
67Highway 33
68Highway 411 South
69Highway 95 North
70Houston Springs Road
71Hughes Road
72Hutton Road
73J Riley West Drive
74Jackson Ferry Road
75Jena Road
76Jennifer Lane
77Kenny Brook Lane
78King Road
79Kinser Lane
80 Kirk Road
81Kirkland Road
82Kyker Road
83Lake Vista Drive
84Lambert Road
85Lee Shirley Road
86Lenoir City Road
87Lett Drive
89Longview Drive
90Lou Goddard Lane
91Lou Goddard Lane
92Lynnwood Drive
93Maple Lane
94Marble Lane
95Mc Keen
96Mc Kelvey Road
97Mcconnell Road
98Mcghee Road
99Mcteer Road
100Mcteer Street
101Meadow Road
102Meadow Road
103Meadow Road West
104Meadow Road West
105Mears Way
106Mills Road
107Millsaps Drive
108Moon Run Road
109Morgan Boulevard
110Morganton Cemetery Road
111Morganton Road
112Mountain Crest Lane
113National Campground Road
114Ness Lane
115Niles Ferry Road
116North Trigonia Road
117Northcove Estate Drive
118Old Niles Ferry Pike
119Old Niles Ferry Road
120Old Sinking Creek Road
121Ownby Road
122Parkwood Circle
123Peterson Road
124Pointe Summit
125Pointe Summit Drive
126Prairie Place
127Prows Road
128Quince Robinson Road
129Railway Drive
130Ramsey Road
131Riden Road
132Rudd Road
133Salem Church Road
134Salem Road
135Sheets Hollow Road
136Sheets Hollow Road
137Shults Lane
138Sinking Creek Road
139Southcove Drive
140Southshore Drive
141Steele Road
142Stephens Road
143Stone Drive
144Tarwater Road
145Teeters Road
146Tennessee Avenue
147Thompson Bridge Road
148Timberlake Drive
149Trigonia Road
150U.s. 411
151Wares Bend Road
152West Alcove Drive
153West Cove Drive
154Whitetail Lane
155Wintergreen Lane
156Woods Drive
157Wrenwood Way
158Wrenwood Way