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List of Street Names with maps in Lobelville, Tennessee

#Street Name
12nd Avenue East
23rd Avenue East
34th Avenue West
48th Avenue East
5Airplane Light Road
6Back Side Cane Creek Road
7Barnette Drive
8Bates Drive
9Billy Carlton Road
10Blue Creek Road
11Blue Jay Lane
12Blue Sky Road
13Breece Drive
14Britt Road
15Buffalo Loop
16Bunting Lane
17Burns Drive
18Burns Hill Road
19Camp Nix Road
20Church Street
21Circle Drive
22Clayton Drive
23Country Club Drive
24Crafton Drive
25Cresent Ridge Road
26Crooked Creek Marina Road
27Crooked Creek Road
28Crooked Creek Road
29Cunningham Ridge Road
30Curry Road
31Deer Pointe Drive
32Deer Run Road
33Depriest Bend Drive
34Dove Lane
35Driftwood Drive
36Driftwood Lane
37Driftwood Subdivision Road
38Dumonie Lane
39Duncan Circle
40 East 1st Avenue
41East 3rd Avenue
42East 4th Avenue
43East 5th Avenue
44East 6th Avenue
45East 7th Avenue
46East 8th Avenue
47East E 3rd Avenue
48Gilmer Bridge Road
49Hatt Drive
50Highway 438 East
51Hillview Drive
52Hinson Springs Road
53Hunt Drive
54Jones Hollow Road
55Lagoon Road
56Leegan Cove Drive
57Lewis Drive
58Lost Creek Road
59Lower Crooked Creek Road
60Main Street
61Main Street North
62Main Street South
63Martin Circle
64Martin Landing Road
65Mossy Spring Road
66Mud Springs Hollow Road
67Nix Lane
68Nix Road
69Nix Street
70North Leeper Street
71North Main Street
72North School Street
73Old Beardstown Road
74Old Highway 13
75Onieda Drive
76Outback Road
77Overlook Landing Road
78Paradise Drive
79Penetha Road
80 Pigg Lane
81Pineview Road
82Pond Hollow Road
83Red Bank Creek Road
84Red Bank Road
85Redwood Drive
86Ridge Road
87River Drive
88Roan Creek Road
89Rolling Hills Road
90Rose Street
91Russell Creek Road
92School Drive
93School House Hollow Road
94Shaw Drive
95Simmons Hollow Road
96South Leeper Street
97South Main Street
98State Highway 50
99Swallow Lane
100Tabitha Drive
101Tenneco Drive
102Tennessee Gas Drive
103Terrapin Creek Road
104Timber Lane
105Toad Hollow Road
106Valley Road
107Waller Road
108Waller Road
109West 10th Avenue
110West 4th Avenue
111West 6th Avenue
112West 7th Avenue
113Wolf Creek Road
114Wren Road