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List of Street Names with maps in Michie, Tennessee

#Street Name
1Acton Road
2Bama Lane
3Beau Monde Road
4Berry Bottom Road
5Boulanger Drive
6Burks Lane
7Carpenter Drive
8Carroll Road
9Carter Lane
10Catalpa Way
11Cemetery Road
12Chambers Access Road
13Chambers Cemetery Lane
14Chambers Store Road
15Coln Lane
16Confederate Lane
17Connie Lane
18Crumby Lane
19Davis Yancey Road
20Dillon Road
21Doctor Williams Road
22Dodd Lane
23Flat Woods Childers Hill Road
24Floyd Way
25Forrest Drive
26Fox Hunt Road
27Garden Lane
28George Lane
29Gin Road
30Goadman Lane
31Gray Road
32Hamburg Road
33Harrison Road
34Hayden Drive
35Highway 142
36Highway 22 57 Cut Off
37Highway 22-57 Access Road
38Hites Park 1
39Hog Lane
40 Hubert Manul Road
41James Way
42Joe Dillon Road
43John George Loop
44Johnson Drive
45Kendrick Road
46Lawrence Sowell Road
47Lick Creek Road
48Little Creek Lane
49Matrose Carrolls Road
50Matrose Road
51Maydie Lane
52Melvin Qualls Road
53Michie Drive
54Michie Road
55Mississippi Road
56Mount Olive Road
57North Liberty Road
58North Prather Road
59Ode Moore Road
60Orville Road
61Oscar Watson Road
62Owl Creek Drive
63Pebble Hill Road
64Phillips Road
65Poindexter Road
66Post Office Road
67Price Road
68Rossavelt Lane
69Rushing Road
70Shiloh Road
71Smith Street
72South Liberty Road
73South Prather Road
74State Line Road
75Stutts Road
76Taylor Road
77Ted Dammonds Lane
78Tucker Lane
79Tulu Road
80 Ty Lane
81Watkins Road
82Will Coln Lane
83Will Coln Road
84Williams Road