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List of Street Names with maps in Oakland, Tennessee

#Street Name
1Abbey Road
2Antler Cove
3Ashley Cove
4Augusta Drive
5Austin Cove
6Austin Drive
7Barkridge Drive
8Beacon Light Drive
9Beau Tisdale Drive
10Bell Grove Road
11Belle Meade Place
12Birch Springs Cove
13Birch Springs Drive
14Blackhill Cove
15Blackhill Drive
16Bluffwood Cove
17Bob White Road
18Bonnie Drive
19Bowers Road
20Briarfield Cove
21Brookhaven Drive
22Brooks Way
24Brookwood Circle
25Brown Way
26Burton Place Drive
27Caitlin Road
28Caitlyn Geneva Cove
29Caleb Road
30Cambium Lane
31Cameron Drive
32Canady Way
33Canale Way
34Casey Jordan Road
35Center Oak Cove
36Center Oak Drive
37Charlotte Drive
38Chris Joe Road
39Christopher Road
40 Church Street
41Clay Pond Drive
42Clay Street
43Clear Springs Drive
44Cleaves Loop
45Cleer Avenue
46Country Forrest Drive
47Country Place
48Countrybrook Drive
49Countryside Drive
50Countrywood Lane
51Cozmo Lane
52Creek Fall Drive
53Crooked Creek Cove
54Crooked Creek Drive
55Cypress Grove Cove
56Cypress Point Cove
57Cypress Point Road
58Cypress Ridge Cove
59Deer Cove
60Denniston Road
61Dogwood Lane
62Dogwood Springs Drive
63Donald Avenue
64Doss Circle
65Eagle Valley Drive
66East Stagg
67East Tate Drive
68Eisinger Cove
69Emily Road
70Emma Road
71Fair View Cove
72Fair View Lane
73Fairoaks Drive
74Fawn Road
75Garden Springs Drive
76Garden View Drive
77Garret Cove
78Goldstream Lane
79Gracie Cove
80 Gracie Lane
81Green Valley Drive
82Green Willow Cove
83Green Willow Drive
84Greer Lane
85Harbor Oaks Cove
86Hickory Grove Cove
87Hickory Grove Loop
88Hicks Road
89Hidden Garden Drive
90High Street
91Highway 194
92Hillard Road
93Hilliard Road
94Hotel Street
95Industrial Park Road
96Irwin Avenue
97Janis Marie Cove
98Kay Cove
99Kyle Edward Road
100Kyle Road
101Kylie Gayle Road
102Lake Breeze Cove
103Lakewood Cove
104Lakewood Drive
105Lewis Fairway Circle
106Links View Drive
107Loblolly Drive
108Lou Monta Way
109Mack Edwards Drive
110Macon Cemetery Road
111Macon Road Drive
112Mallory Drive
113Maple Run
114Marshall Way
115Martha Cove
116Mccauley Street
117Mcfadden Drive
118Meadow Drive
119Meadow Terrace Drive
120Meadow Trail Lane
121Mebane Road
122Mewborn Street
123Michelle Cove
124Mills Road
125Misty Fields Cove
126Misty Fields Road
127Misty Meadows Drive
128Mitchell Way
129Mosby Road
130Mossy Springs Cove
131Mossy Springs Drive
132Mulberry Cove
133Murrell Street
134Norma Carol Cove
135North Tate Drive
136Northern Leaf Drive
137Northwood Cove
138Northwood Drive
139Oak Hollow Cove
140Oakcliff Drive
141Oakcourt Cove
142Oakcrest Drive
143Oakland Hills Drive
144Oakland Road
145Oakland Woods Cove
146Oakleaf Cove
147Oakridge Cove
148Oaks Edge
149Oakshire Cove
150Odus Drive
151Penny Lane
152Person Road
153Pierce Road
154Pine Meadows Lane
155Pine Ridge Cove
156Pine Ridge Lane
157Pinehurst Drive
158Pinewood Drive
159Pruitt Road
160Rain Road
161Redbud Drive
162Ridgefield Drive
163Riverdale Drive
164Riverwood Cove
165Robin Cove
166Rolling Oaks Drive
167Royal Avenue
168Royal View Cove
169Running Brook Lane
170Sadie Cove
171Saint Andrews Drive
172Sansone Way
173Sawgrass Cove
174Seawood Drive
175Sellers Drive
176Sheraton Cove
177Simpson Road
178Snowbell Cove
179Southwind Drive
180Spring Valley Drive
181Stagg Road
182Strawberry Field Cove
183Sugar Maple Cove
184Sugar Maple Trail
185Sunny Cove
186Susanne Drive
187Sweet Leaf Lane
188Tall Forest Lane
189Tate Drive
190Terry Hill Cove
191Terry View Cove
192Tia Khata Way
193Tomlin Street
194Toni Drive
195Umble Street
196Valley Oaks Cove
197Village Cove
198Village Drive
199Warren Road
200Watson Road
201Wells Way
202Whispering Meadows Drive
203Whispering Pines Cove
204Whispering Ridge Drive
205White Pine Place
206Whitley Road
207Wicker Way
208Wilbourne Road
209Wilson Lane
210Winding Creek Cove
211Winding Creek Drive
212Windy Cove
213Wirt Road
214Yancey Road
215Yancy Street