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List of Street Names with maps in Obion, Tennessee

#Street Name
110th Street
211th Street
312th Street
413th Street
514th Street
615th Street
716th Street
81st Street
92nd Street
103rd Street
115th Street
126th Street
137th Street
148th Street
159th Street
16Aldridge Church Road
17Ben Morris Road
18Board Road
19Broadway Street
20Brown Creek Road
21Browns Creek Road
22Bud Barker Road
23Bud O Yates Road
24Bud Phillips Road
25Buryl Larry Road
26Butler Road
27Call Road
28Canada Drive
29Carpenter Road
30Cash Dollar Road
31Cat Corner Road
32Cat Corner-lassiter Foothill Road
33Cemetery Avenue
34Cemetery Road
35Charlene Road
36Clanton Road
37Clarence Fox Road
38Clinton Road
39Clover Creek Road
40 Cloverdale Road
41County Line Street
42Davis Highway
43Dew Drop Road
44Dorgan Road
45Dozier Road
46Duncan Hill Road
47East Johnson Avenue
48East Lee Ann Avenue
49Elbridge Road
50Elbridge-minnick Road
51Elbridge-obion Road
52Ferguson Road
54Frog Level Road
55Glass Road
56Gratio Levee Road
57Gratio Road
58Grisham Road
59Hale Road
60Hank Miller Road
61Harbin Road
62Highland Avenue
63Highway 183
64Highway 3
65Horner Road
66Hurt Avenue
67Hurt Road
68Hutcherson Road
69Inman Hollow Road
70Ira Barker Road
71Isom Lake Road
72Ivy-wright Road
73Jack Rabbit Lane
74Jack Tate Road
75Jackson Hill Road
76Jere B Ford Memorial Highway
77Jim Carver Road
78Joe Jones Road
79Joe Yates Road
80 Johnson Avenue
81Joy Drive
82Kimberly Avenue
83Lavender Hill Road
84Lawson Road
85Lippard Road
86Long Lane Road
87Lost Road
88Madie Thompson Road
89Main Saint Exd
90Main Street
91Mathis Avenue
92Mc Intosh Road
93Mccorkle Road
94Minnick Elbridge Road
95Morris Street
96Mount Moriah Road
97Ned Cherry Road
98North 7th Street
99Oak Ridge Road
100Obion Avenue
101Odie Stover Road
102Owl Road
103Palestine Avenue
104Phillips Road
105Puckett Road
106Putnam Hill Road
107Revell Road
108Rick Rack Road
109Sam Beard Road
110Sharps Ferry Road
111Simrell Road
112South 7th Street
113South Aldridge Church Road
114South Bluff Road
115South Sellers Road
116Spring Valley Road
117Starlight Drive
118Sunset Drive
119Troy Avenue
120Troy Road
121Turnertown Road
122U.s. 51
123Verhine Road
124Ward Avenue
125Watson Avenue
126West Aldridge Church Road
127West Black Lane Road
128West Main Avenue
129West Sellers Road
130West Wolverine Road
131Widow Wilson Road
132William Clouse Road
133Wilson Road
134Youngblood Road
135Zion Church Road
136Zion Creek Road