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List of Street Names with maps in Petersburg, Tennessee

#Street Name
13 Hundred Dollar Road
2Arbor Hill Road
3Bartlett Hollow Road
4Bert Watt Road
5Bledsoe Road
6Bledsoe Street
7Blue Smith Road
8Bodock Lane
9Bolles Hollow Lane
10Boonshill Petersburg Road
11Boonshill School Road
12Bradford Road
13Branchville Road
14Brooks Road
15Brown Shop Road
16Buchanan Street
17Cheese Road
18Church Street
19Cobb Hollow Lane
20Coffey Road
21College Street
22Cortner Hollow Road
23Crabtree Cemetery Road
24Daniel Road
25Davis Road
26Deerwood Lane
27Delina Boonshill Road
28Delina Road
29Delina Road
30Depot Street
31Duckworth Hollow Road
32Dunivan Road
33Eagle Lane
34Eastside Square
35Eddins Road
36Emmet Pickle Road
37Emmett Pickle Road
38Fayetville Highway
39Fishing Ford Road
40 Foster Cemetery Road
41Foster Hollow Road
42Free Silver Road
43Fuss Hollow Road
44Fuss Hollow Road
45Gaunt Street
46Gibson Road
47Gill Circle
48Gingerbread Road
49Gobblers Knob Road
50Green Street
51Hagan Hill Road
52Haislip Hollow Road
53Hannah Branch Road
54Hannah Gap Road
55Haysland Cutoff
56Hemphill Road
58Hickory Road
59Hickory Road
60High Street
61Highway 130
62Highway 244
63Hill Road
64Hill Street
65Himes Lane
66Honey Road
67Hoyte Ledford Road
68Icy Bank Road
69Jim Mc Cord Highway
70Jobe Road
71Joplin Road
72L Smith Road
73Lambrick Road
74Lane Street
75Larke Lane
76Lewisburg Highway
77Liberty Valley Road
78Lookout Lane
79Maple Avenue
80 Mcadams Road
81Mcdaniel Road
82Medium Cemetery Road
83Mike Bryant Road
84Moores Lane
85Morgan Circle
86Morgan Street
87Murdock Road
88Muse Street
89Norris Lane
90North Fishing Ford Road
91North High Street
92Northside Square
93Northside Square
94Norwood Road
95O Malley Road
96O Malley Road
97Old Chestnut Ridge Road
98Old Chestnut Ridge Road
99Old Fishing Ford Road
100Old Petersburg Pike
101Old Pylant Road
102Old Schoolhouse Road
103Orchard Cemetery Road
104Owl Hollow Road
105Parks Warren Hollow Road
106Patton Hollow Road
107Paul King Road
108Petersburg-chestnut Ridge Road
109Petersburg-chestnut Ridge Road
110Peyton Road
111Phagan Road
112Pierce Road
113Pigg Cemetery Road
114Pigg Hollow Road
115Pigg Road
116Poor Grab Chestnut Ridge
117Presby Avenue
118Presby Avenue
119Quail Hollow Road
120Rabbit Run Road
121Railroad Street
122Railroad Street
123Railroad Street South
124Red Oak Road
125Red Oak Road
126Red Oak Road
127Red Smith Road
128Reed Hollow Road
129Renagar Road
130Richardson Lane
131Richmond Cemetery Road
132Richmond Road
133Roger Monk Road
134Rose Lane
135Round Square Road
136Route 129
137Route 130
138Roy Brown Road
139Runamok Lane
140Russell Street
141Sharp Road
142Shelbyville Highway
143Short Road
144Short Town Road
145Sinking Creek Road
146Smith Road
147Smokey Circle
148Sorrells Road
149South Fishing Ford Road
150South High Street
151Southside Square
152Spring View Lane
153Tate Road
154Tennessee Drive
155Tight Bark Hollow Road
156Tight Bark Road
157Tight Bark Road
158Toll Gate Road
159Town Street
160Twin Springs Road
161Twitty Road
162Volunteer Road
163Walnut Ridge Road
164Warren Road
165Water Street
166Watkins Road
167Watson Road
168Wells Hollow Road
169Whippoorwill Lane
170Williams Road
171Willie Hudson Road
172Wilson Street
173Wise Road