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List of Street Names with maps in Prospect, Tennessee

#Street Name
1Alf Harris Road
2Bass Road
3Bates Hollow Road
4Beasley Branch Road
5Bee Road
6Bethel Prospect Road
7Birdsong Lane
8Briar Patch Road
9Brown Cemetery Road
10Case Road
11Cave Branch Road
12Charley Davis Road
13Chatman Hollow Road
14Circle Drive
15Cowhorne Hollow Road
16Curry Road
17Davis Academy Road
18Dawes Road
19Deer Hunters Lane
20Dixon Town Road
21Dog Branch Road
22Driver Chapel Road
23Driver Circle
24Edgemon Lane
25Edmundson Road
26El Reed Road
27Elkton Pike
28Elkton Road
29Fiducia Road
30Garnerhollow Road
31Gilbert Road
32Gillbert Road
33Goresville Road
34Greenfield Road
35Greenhouse Lane
36Griffen Road Road
37Griffin Road
38H Smith Road
39Hagan Road
40 Hanna Branch Road
41Hanna Road
42Hanna Ward Bridge Road
44Highway 273
45Hogan Road
46Holt Hollow Road
47Hurd Road
48Jack Holt Road
49James Hollow Road
50Kelley Road
51Kimbrough Road
52Liberty Circle
53Liberty Road
54Mason Carter Hill
55Old Poplar School Road
56Petty Branch Road
57Pierson Lane
58Pleasant Hill Road
59Pollard Hollow Road
60Poplar Hill Road
61Private Road
62Prospect Road
63Ragsdale Creek Road
64Ragsdale Road
65Riverbend Road
66Roberts Road
67Sanders Road
68Silver Creek Road
69Smith Cemetery Road
70Smith Jackson Road
71Stella Road
72Tackets Branch Road
73Tucker Bend
74Tunnel Hollow Road
75Turner Road
76Valley Lane
77Veto Lane
78Veto Road
79Vinta Mill Road
80 Vinta Mill Road West
81Walls Hollow Road
82Whitfield Road
83Witt Road
84Wright Road