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List of Street Names with maps in Rives, Tennessee

#Street Name
1Alamo Church Road
2Allyson Drive
3Bates Anderson Road
4Brooks Road
5Caldwell Avenue
6Cane Creek Church Road
7Carney Lane
8Church Drive
9College Drive
10Crockett Bend Road
11Cultra Road
12D Crockett Road
13Denning Road
14Depot Street
15Dodson Road
16East Black Lane Road
17East Caudle Road
18East Crockett Bend Road
19East Crockett Road
20East Cross Street
21East Ed Moffatt Road
22East Troy Street
23Ed Moffatt Road
24Elam Lane
25Elam Road
26Elloitt Road
27Field Road
28Floyd Simmons Road
29Forrester Street
30Fred Hayes Road
31Gordon Street
32Harry Daniels Road
33Highway 216
34Hill Road
35Hundley Road
36Jenkins Street
37Jodie Jacobs Road
38Jones Road
39Lee Brown Road
40 Leigh Road
41Littrell Road
42Long Road
43Lovelace Road
44Mc Donnell Denning Road
45Mcbride Road
46Mcclanahan Road
47Mcdonald Road
48Mckinney Drive
49Mcree Lane
50Mcright Road
51Mcspadden Road
52Mill Street
53Mitchell Road
54Moss Road
55North Church Drive
56North Church Street
57North Garrett Sawmill Road
58Old Kenton Road
59Old Turnpike Road
60Owen Walker Road
61Paul Warren Road
62Pine Street
63Polk Station Road
64Polk Station Road
65Pruitt Road
66Railroad Street
67Rives Mount Pelia Road
68Rives Road
69Russell Cove
70Sanders Road
71Savage Lane
72Simmons Road
73Sleepy Hollow Road
74South Caudle Road
75South Central High Road
76South Church Drive
77South Church Street
78South Crockett Bend Road
79South Crockett Road
80 South Front Street
81South Garrett Sawmill Road
82South Red Mccorkle Road
83Taylor Moore Road
84Troy Dresden Road
85Troy Turnpike Road
86Turner Road
87Union Street
88Vine Street
89Walker Street
90West Cross Street
91West Peterson
92West Troy Street
93Wisener Road
94Wright Street
95Younger Road