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List of Street Names with maps in Troy, Tennessee

#Street Name
1Add Osburn Road
2Alexander Road
3B Hutchinson Road
4Baker Road
5Baker Street
6Barnett Road
7Beech Chapel Road
8Ben Long Road
9Bethel Church Road
10Bethel Hollow Road
11Blackley Road
12Bogus Hollow Road
13Bright Street
14Campground Road
15Cc Gurien Drive
16Cecil Roberts Road
17Chappell Road
18Chestnut Street
19Church Street
20Cleek Road
21Clint Word Road
22Clubhouse Drive
23Cochran Street
24Coon Williams Road
25Corkan Street
26Cranford Road
27Crestview Road
28Davis Road
29Deer Haven Road
30Dickey Road
31Dinkey Hollow Road
32Dugger Road
33Dunbar Road
34Easley Drive
35Easley Street
36Ebenezer Road
37Ella Groom Road
38Faith Lane
39Flowers Road
40 Frasier Street
41Frazier Street
43Goodman Road
44Graham Smith Road
45Grandview Place
46Griffin Road
47Hart Street
48Haslip Road
49Heritage Drive
50Highway 21
51Hillcrest Drive
52Homestead Drive
53Industrial Drive
54Jack Long Road
55Jb Stricklin Road
56Jd Taylor Road
57Keith Kirk Road
58Key Road
59Lagoon Road
60Langster Road
61Lynn Place
62Lynwood Drive
63Main Exd
64Maple Street
65Margaret Street
66Marion Thompson Road
67Marshall Kirk Road
68Martin Vaught Road
69Marvin Vaught Road
70Mary Jane Street
71Mary Kay Drive
72Mathis Road
73Mc Ana Road
74Mill Creek Road
75Moffatt Street
76Morris Drive
77Muse Road
78Neely Road
79North Key Road
80 North Maple Street
81Old Clayton Road
82Old Dixie Road
83Orr Road
84Pat Gibbs Lane
85Pate Road
86Paul Erwin Road
87Peabody Street
88Polk Saint Exd
89Polk Street
90Possum Trot Road
91Protemus Clayton Road
92R Calloway Road
93Rabbit Creek
94Ralph King Road
95Raspberry Road
96Rives Road
97Roberson Road
98Ross Brown Road
99Route 21
100Rudd Road
101Scenic Hill
102Sharp Circle
103Sleepy Callis Road
104Smith Road
105South College Street
106South Sanders Road
107South Wolverine Road
108Spring Brook
109Storey Road
110Sweet Gum Circle
111Sweetwater Cove
112Thomas Lane
113Thunder Road
114Troy Hickman Road
115Troy Protemus Road
116Vale Road
117Var Road
118Virginia Avenue
119Virginia Drive
120Volunteer Drive
121Ward Road
122West Harper Street
123West Key Road
124West Moffatt Street
125West Shawtown Road
126Westbrook Exd
127Westbrook Street
128Wiley Neely Road
129Will Wright Road
130Wizard Lane
133Yellow Hammer Road