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List of Street Names with maps in Watauga, Tennessee

#Street Name
19th Saint Exd
29th Street
3Bare Hollow Road
4Bare Hollow Road
5Breezy Meadow Lane
6Campbell Drive
7Carr Road
8Cbm Camp Road
9Charlie Smith Road
10Cripple Creek Loop
11Cripple Creek Road
12East 3rd Street
13East 4th Avenue
14East 5th Avenue
15Elmer Moffitt Road
16Emily Mary Lane
17Forest Private Drive
18Garland Branch Road
19Hammons Road
20Hidden Valley Road
21Highway 400
22Honey Dew Lane
23Humphrey Hollow Road
24Humphreys Road
25John Hall Road
26Keg Mottern Road
27Kenneth Hollow Road
28Lacy Road
29Lick Creek Road
30Malone Road
31Maple Tree Lane
32Mclaney Road
33Mike Murphy Road
34Mossy Oak Drive
35North 2nd Street
36North 3rd Street
37North 4th Saint Exd
38North 4th Street
39North 5th Street
40 North 6th Street
41Old Rock Hill Road
42Orchard Lane
43Pealer Road
44Persinger Drive
45Persinger Drive
46Persinger Road
47Pete Slagle Road
48Phenix Road
49Phipps Lane
50Piney Flats Road
51Pusinger Drive
52Quinn Cemetery Road
53Rasnick Hollow Road
54Riggs Road
55Riverside Drive
56Riverview Avenue
57Rock Hill Road
58Rock Hill Road
59Rocky Top Drive
60Shane Lane
61Shane Ll
62Shell Hollow Road
63Simpson Lane
64Smalling Road
65South 3rd Street
66South 4th Street
67South 8th Street
68South 9th Street
69State Highway 2380
70Steam Plant Road
71Sunflower Lane
72Sycamore Drive
73Wade Bulla Road
74Wagner Road
75Ward Lane
76Warren Road
77Watauga Road
78West 3rd Avenue
79West 4th Avenue
80 West 5th Avenue